Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Church House: Bathroom Inspiration

The first room that's gonna get it is the bathroom at the church house.  That way we have somewhere to potty while we work on everything else :)  Plus, it's small.  I seriously am super excited. Like can't sleep excited about this place.  I have lived in a rental, a tan rental, tan people.  Inside and out. For 9 months.  It's not the worst thing I've ever lived in, but I have no creative space.  My brain is going off like fireworks to get this place started.

So here is the before:
That vanity....OMG.  I found a little table/desk on the side of the road in September.  I snagged it and threw it in the back of the burb while it was pouring rain.  Yes, I'm that girl.  Anyhow, it says property of the US Navy on the bottom.  I have sat at it and imagine very important things were done at this little desk.  In all actuality, some navy officer probably sat with his feet on it and clipped his toenails. 
Whatever, it's mine now and last night I'm doing research for the Church House <dicking around on pinterest> and saw this and was like, BOOM, it's for the vanity!

 I love the color of that vanity and that old rug in the bathroom. The dark gray will be the bottom of the Navy desk and also the built in cabinet in the bathroom. So, that's happening.

Black ceiling, black tile floor.  If floors and ceilings can be sexy, <they totally can btw> then these are the bees knees for me.  When I decided to buy the house, I was like I can budget for these beautiful hexagon tiles.  They are around $10-$12 per square foot.  Measured the bathroom last night and was like....ummmm no.  I am going with matte black 12x12 tiles that are $1.32 per square foot.  I'd rather take a mini trip with the savings than let my 2 1/2 year old pee on it while he potty trains this summer. Just sayin. 

Love the olive green shower curtain.  What I want to do: buy olive green velvet fabric and have this luxuriously beautiful shower curtain.  What I will do: Find a set of full sheets in an olive green color I like or maybe a dark inky blue and use that as my shower curtain.  Mainly because I don't want to be sad that Oliver pissed on the shower curtain and I have to wash it for the 10th time that week.  Also, I love the old painting in the bathroom.

That tile pattern for the inside of the shower.  That's it. No argument.  It's happening. Like ASAP.


Another black ceiling/floor combo. Happening. and the black door and trim. Love.

All images via my hoarding of beautiful images on pinterest.

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Later gators!!