Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oliver's Room Inspiration

Over the summer I hope to finish Oliver's room.  It needs repainted and I'm starting with the ceiling.  Which I am super excited to paint, I compare it to having my nails pulled out.  Woohoo.

Anyway, pretty pictures from pinterest:

Buffalo Check Curtains:
oh ryan, you cheeky bastard.... ;)
Cow Rug:



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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

repairing worn leather with shoe polish

We have those puffy leather recliner on both ends matching set of couches.  I dislike them.  I don't hate or loathe them, but given the money/opportunity I would go with something completely different.  We bought them brand new 6 years ago and they were 1000% better than the crap we had.  Two moves and 4 kids worth of wear and sippy cup spills, they are holding up just fine.  If they would die I could get new, but whateves.

The only thing wrong with them is a few nics hear and there from being shoved through doorways and some regular wear, nothing a brown sharpie can't fix.....yep you read that right.  I take a brown Sharpie to my couch for small touch ups.

 One spot in particular was looking extremely scratched and ratty. I couldn't Sharpie that one or it would look like Audrey drew all over the couch.  The ratty spot might be my seat, I'm not as bad a Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, but it's my seat. My seat.  Anyhow, after Audrey and Oliver were born it's where I slept with them, nursed them, changed them.   I always sit cross legged for most of was wearing the leather.  Plus, Harley the Super Border Collie sleeps there at night.  She is sometimes covered in sand and then rolls on the couch, essentially sandpapering my spot on the couch.


Cripes that looks like shiz.

I decided to try some brown shoe polish to disguise the worn spots.  I picked it up in the shoe department of Wal-Mart.

I just followed the directions on the back of the can.  I wiped it on with a soft rag, let it sit for a bit and polished it until the rag still looked clean.  I didn't want brown all over our clothes.  At first it was sort of sticky and smelled weird.  That goes away.  It is considerably less obvious and a cheap fix until we get new furniture....after our children quit getting ours gross.  I know, you probably don't let you kids drink in the living room....I don't either.  But, those little twerps sneak it in!!