Monday, September 10, 2012

my barn sale loot

Friday, Mr. TSL came home and said there was a barn sale up the road and it had some cool stuff.  He'd put together some stuff he wanted in a box and had them hold it for him.  Well, Saturday we had Audrey's 2nd birthday we didn't make it back.  Sunday, we drove over there and no sale.  But, the old man was watering the lawn so we pulled up and he had kept Mr. TSL's box for him. Isn't that so sweet?!?

I started walking around looking at what was left and he sold me 4 of these chairs for $1 each...

they are heavy and in super condition :)

Got this little bookcase for Audrey's room with little modern legs....for free!
already primed this puppy!

A couple old tins for free!
i love the coffee tin as is...the bread box with the rose, getting a makeover!

A little bench that Morgan claimed for free!

A Moroccan side table for free and this booger is heavy!

And my absolute favorite that I scored for free (kind of maybe more like $1.50) Vintage 20's lockers!
Aren't they dreamy?!?  And the lady who sold them said she had 3 more that match them that I could have if her son decides he doesn't want them.  Cross your fingers he doesn't because I sure do!!

I am almost finished painting the baby's dresser, I'll have that for you later this week.  I have completed painting the dining room floor, kitchen floor, and small stairs.  I have to repaint the big stairs and landing and I will show you those and hopefully I will have the bookcase done this week so I can show you that too!!

Apparently, when you find out you are being induced in a week a fire gets lit under your butt to finish crap you have already started before it all comes to a screaming halt to play with my new squishy bundle of joy!!

Did I mention that I was featured for my baby gate over at Apartment Therapy?!?!  Yep, I am crapping my pants excited over here!!

Make your life beautiful!!