Thursday, July 28, 2011

Before and After with One Project Closer

I submitted my bathroom remodel for the One Project Closer Contest!
I can't wait to see the other entries!!

Here’s how it works:
You submit pictures and a story from a renovation you* worked sometime over the past year. Every Sunday throughout the Summer (starting June 20, 2011) , we pick the best of the submissions we’ve received so far and we run the story on our site. If your submission is picked, you get a $50 gift card to either Lowes, Home Depot, or Amazon. And, the best part – we make a donation of $100 to Habitat for Humanity in your honor!
At the end of the Summer, we post all of the entries together, and the community votes for the best project. The winner gets a bonus $150 gift card to one of the three stores above.
*You (including your family and friends) have to have done at least 75% of the work on the renovation! No contracted jobs for this contest!
Before and After 2010 blue

Raising Awareness for Habitat for Humanity

We started this event two years ago as a novel way to help raise awareness for Habitat. We chose Habitat because we support their mission (decent houses in decent communities) and we like the way they go about it (by requiring those receiving assistance to put in sweat equity into their own homes and other homes in their communities).  We also like that Habitat operates all over the world, so you can view your donation as helping your local community.
Of course, this blog and most of its readers are all about home improvement. And Habitat is about community improvement through housing… it’s a great match.
By the end of the Summer, we’ll have given more than a $1000 to Habitat. But that’s really just the beginning! We hope that you’ll partner with us along the way. Each week, we include a short fact about Habitat’s activities around the world (like their work in Haiti, for example), and we ask that you commit to partnering with them financially by donating online, or by volunteering with Habitat in your own community.

How to Submit Your Entry!

E-mail us your submission at
Your entry can be in the e-mail itself or you can attach a Word document. If you are attaching multiple pictures, make sure to number them in timeline order so it’s easy for us to reconstruct the story. Please attach the pictures as JPEGs even if you also embed them inside the Word document.

Upgraded Prizes!

Besides the good feeling you get for contributing to Habitat’s mission, we’re also going to send you a $50 gift card to Home Depot, Lowes, or Amazon. Even if you aren’t the weekly winner, definitely check out our Lowes Coupons and Home Depot Coupons to save some dough off your next purchase!

Please Tell Your Friends & Readers!

We’d also really appreciate it if you’d write an article on your site letting people know about the contest. One thing is definitely true about this event: the more submissions and comments, the more fun!
If you’d like to support us throughout the Summer with a badge, there’s a few different colors to choose from… If you don’t see the color scheme that will work with your site, just shoot us an e-mail at with the colors you want and we’ll be happy to make one up!

- Make your life beautiful!!

Sneak Peak.... the suspense is killing you isn't it?!?

Chevron Painted Dining Floor

-Make your life beautiful!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Checklist Wednesday

Here's a hint of what I'm doing!!

Here it is for this week:

Red is what I have finished/am currently working on! Blue is what I have done!
An update of the my checklist!!

Living Room
1. Paint the trim white- this is almost done, I have around the doors and windows done!
2. Make curtains and "Curtain Rod" 
navy and white stripe I think.....
3.  Make square nails-just used what I had
4.  Decorate...I know super vague
5. Make pillows for couch
6. Do something with front closet
7. Putty the corner with the broken drywall tape
8.  make baby gate--baby proof Gonna need to start this soon-Audrey is mobile!!
9. Get ready to start a daycare
10. Tile entryway
11. Paint walls-COMPLETE!

Front Bathroom-DONE!!
1.  Make Shower Curtain
2.  New shower rod
3. Celebrate because everything else is done!!!
5. New Vanity-COMPLETE!
6. New toilet-COMPLETE!
7. Paint walls-COMPLETE!
8. Paint Trim-COMPLETE!
9.Remove popcorn ceiling and paint-COMPLETE!

Dining Room
1.  Paint trim white- working on it! (2 more coats)
2. Paint walls Cobblestone by Ralph Lauren
3. Decide on Art
4. Picture Wall
5. Grocery Sign
6. Baby Gate for big stairs
7.  Put up a new door with windows we scored @ H4H
8. Paint the Floor

1.  Paint trim white- working on it! (2 more coats)
2. Paint walls Cobblestone by Ralph Lauren
3.  Rearrange Cabinets
4. Paint Cabinets
5. Tile countertop with granite and marble tiles
6. Install Farm sink
7.  New Dishwasher
8. New microwave
9. New Faucet 
10. Paint the Floor
Laundry Room
1.  Paint trim white
2. Paint walls Cobblestone by Ralph Lauren
decide if I want a pattern on walls
3.  Add Cabinets on pantry side
4. long for sexy front loader W&D

Master Bathroom
1.  Paint trim white
2. Add Board and Battan
3. New shower rod
4. Make shower curtain
5. Tile the floor
6. Paint vanity
7. new toilet
8. new faucet and sink(scored an awesome sink at the thrift store for $20!!!)
9. round mirror
10. light
11. new countertop
12. Paint walls-COMPLETE!

Master Bedroom
1.  Paint trim white
2. Make curtains for sliding glass door
3. Art?
4. Paint closet

Hayley and Morgan's room
1.  Paint trim white-COMPLETE!!
2. Paint the walls
3. make headboard
4. paint dresser
5. Paint desk
6. closet redo
7. art for walls?????
8. Curtains

Audrey's Room 
1.  Paint trim white-COMPLETE!
2. Paint Walls-COMPLETE!
3. Art---only a little more
4. Rehang curtains and fix them so they are long enough!

Whole House
1.  flooring
2. new doors
3. get rid of popcorn ceiling!!!!

 -Make your life beautiful!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bunk Bed Love

I have the whole kitchen floor and dining room floor painted!  I will hopefully be finishing the painted rug this week and be able to post about it next week.  I realized about 1/3 way through the dining room I was going to run out of paint, so I worked around the edges so I could just switch to paint I had on hand to finish the rug in the middle.

It looks like 900 times better than it did before...I LOVE IT!!! 

Pics to come later!

The girls and I were looking through design books--yes I recruit them for their opinions on the house :)
When they asked if they could have bunk beds.  I have been really apprehensive about all the fighting this would cause and also about them getting hurt.  But since they are 8 1/2 and 7 I think they will be okay.  When I asked who would sleep on the top, they both said Morgan.  So no fight there.  Now I am on the lookout for some on CL.  My nephews are getting new bunk beds maybe I can makeover their old one's for the girls!

Here are some pics to inspire me and you!!





And a few more, just because…

-Make your life beautiful!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Frame Inspiration for Danelle

A friend of mine lives in a super cute A frame and is wanting to redo the inside, but is at a loss for what to do!
In steps crazy me.  With google, Pinterest, and Apartment Therapy.  :)  After hoarding collecting pictures for a while these are the most fabulous I could find!

Plus they have a galley kitchen :)

-Make your life beautiful!!