Thursday, March 29, 2012

do you ever have design ADD?

this is like the major dilemma in my brain at most time.  it ranks up there with what to do with my hair...i have a big butt, so i feel that my hair makes up for that in sex appeal. 

i love love the beach.  so i will get a bunch of beachy stuff....then it feels to theme-y (might have made that word up)  then i see someone else's space and think omg, i love that too!

then my brain starts over.  i also have a tendency to start a project in each room, sometimes  i complete it sometimes not so much.  then i feel like nothing is done because nothing is completely done.

the mr, has a job interview tomorrow, so we will be finding out if we are moving or not.  we wouldn't be moving for a while, but that kind of knocks the wind from my sails in plans of crap to do to this place if we won't live here for much longer.  that last sentence sounds weird, but i'm leaving it-it's my blog i can do that!

i have these ideas of crap i want to do and i need like 5 houses to do all of them.  i don't want to redo my dining room every 3 months.  some people have no idea what to do with their house....i have too many ideas of crap and not enough help to execute them all.  i could hire people to help me, but that would cost money.

i am trying to decide between red or kelly green for an accent color.  i am more of a whole house accent color, minus the kid's rooms.  i feel like it makes my house feel cohesive.  i can add different elements that add a pop here or there, but for the most part i am having trouble picking a palette.


love the kelly green and yellow container!

 i found these chairs on craigslist for $150, but i think i could get them for $100.....not quite sure what to do!


do you have these decorating problems or do you just go with it?  red or kelly green/yellow....maybe i could pull off a little of all three?!?!  some of the pics have a lot of all three!

-make your life beautiful!!

all images via pinterest   go figure :)


  1. Oh I can SOOOO relate!! I'm always telling my husband that we need like a 10,000 sf house just so I can have room to execute all the ideas I have!! I have way too many ideas and not enough house to use them all!
    I say do all three colors, with the heaviest being the one you love most, and little pops of the other two. My favorite pictures you showed had all three in them!
    I can also relate to the feeling of not knowing how long you're going to be somewhere, and so not wanting to put tons of time/money into a place that you may not be at long. Fingers are crossed for you that things work out well for your husband with work and for your family. I hope that whatever you end up doing (moving or not) you're happy and all works out the best for your family!

  2. Oh man...I am in love with kelly green...but red is a classic. You are not alone, I like so many different things that I keep changing my mind too. Good luck with everything that is going on with your family!

  3. i don't think you can go wrong with either!! you have great taste, so i know anything you choose will look great!


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