Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Girls' Collage Wall Mock-Up

I have been known to put quite a few holes in walls and later re-patch them.  That's what I have to do after I put the window headboards and mirror up.  That, ultimately, was more for Crafting with the Stars than what the girls really wanted. Their bedroom is very large and the are getting bunkbeds soon, so I will have this huge blank wall to do something with.

I had 2 packs of ugly wall dots, one pack I transformed to be gold dots with a little spray paint.  The girls looked at them on the paper still and told me they didn't like gold.  I was shocked.  Then when they went with me to Jess's house and saw how awesome they looked they loved them!

So, the other pack is getting sprayed gold soon and put up on their wall. (they wanted them to go on their ceiling, but alas we have disgusting popcorn ceilings that I am not removing due to the fact that we live here and I am not freaking cleaning that crap up!)  see what I plan to do with the popcorn ceilings here.

I mocked up a little wall example in Paint (I don't have photo shop, hell I've never even used it!)  

the sources for the mock art on the pic above can be found here

Now to patch the previous holes, prime and paint them. UGH.


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