Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Introducing Oliver Henry

Oliver Henry

8lbs 4oz

This picture kills me, because this is what they do almost everyday when Mr. TSL gets home from work :)
 It's like Oliver waits for daddy and then crashes!  

 Most of my projects are on hold, for good reason!  I love spending time soaking in the baby stage and playing with Audrey...plus I lack any amount of sleep one would need to focus on projects! :)

Make your life beautiful!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

my barn sale loot

Friday, Mr. TSL came home and said there was a barn sale up the road and it had some cool stuff.  He'd put together some stuff he wanted in a box and had them hold it for him.  Well, Saturday we had Audrey's 2nd birthday party...so we didn't make it back.  Sunday, we drove over there and no sale.  But, the old man was watering the lawn so we pulled up and he had kept Mr. TSL's box for him. Isn't that so sweet?!?

I started walking around looking at what was left and he sold me 4 of these chairs for $1 each...

they are heavy and in super condition :)

Got this little bookcase for Audrey's room with little modern legs....for free!
already primed this puppy!

A couple old tins for free!
i love the coffee tin as is...the bread box with the rose, getting a makeover!

A little bench that Morgan claimed for free!

A Moroccan side table for free and this booger is heavy!

And my absolute favorite that I scored for free (kind of maybe more like $1.50) Vintage 20's lockers!
Aren't they dreamy?!?  And the lady who sold them said she had 3 more that match them that I could have if her son decides he doesn't want them.  Cross your fingers he doesn't because I sure do!!

I am almost finished painting the baby's dresser, I'll have that for you later this week.  I have completed painting the dining room floor, kitchen floor, and small stairs.  I have to repaint the big stairs and landing and I will show you those and hopefully I will have the bookcase done this week so I can show you that too!!

Apparently, when you find out you are being induced in a week a fire gets lit under your butt to finish crap you have already started before it all comes to a screaming halt to play with my new squishy bundle of joy!!

Did I mention that I was featured for my baby gate over at Apartment Therapy?!?!  Yep, I am crapping my pants excited over here!!

Make your life beautiful!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Painted Stairs and Floor a year later

It all started with the stairs...the nasty crapet (yes, I know I typed crapet for a reason).  It had to go.  So, I ripped it off while Mr. TSL was at work.  Then I was just going to leave it....it got dirty and untreated wood is impossible to clean.  So, I painted them!

After the stairs were painted, I got a wild hair up my....anyways I painted the floor in the dining room and kitchen.

When I painted the kitchen floor I had to paint over some nasty foam crapet glue junk and it made it look like a thousand times better!  However, when I did this I used every last drop of my custom colored porch paint for the project. Bummer.

A year has passed and the floors and edges of the stairs and looking really shabby.  The kitchen floor constantly looks dirty even when it's not!  Bull crap.  I would just touch up the paint, but I'm out.

So, I attempted to paint a runner in the kitchen. It was okay, but I totally kind of stopped measuring and blah, it was a little jacked up.  The suckiest part was that the tape pulled up paint off the floor and looked awful!

The stairs look like this now...yuck!

So, I bought some gray and I am repainting them.  What's that you say?  You haven't seen afters of our Master Bathroom project...oh, that's because it's not done :)  We have had one of those months where if it could go wrong, it does.

Mr. TSL is suppose to be working on the butcher block countertop in his shop at school.  However, we came home from the grocery store and Morgan asked if daddy left the sprinkler on....we had a river coming out of one of our spigots.  It had sprayed the side of the house with mud and Mr. TSL basically had to dig a giant grave to fix the problem.  Morgan, the eternally funny kid, said "Well, we did want a water feature in our yard!"  I laughed hysterically and then told her not to tell Mr. TSL until everything was fixed.  Then some propane tank crap went down and our foundation has cracked due to the extreme drought!  Suckola!

It will eventually get done, I am just thankful to have a toilet in there now!! :)

My goal is to have this project done by Audrey's 2nd Birthday Party at the beginning of September!

-Make your life beautiful!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall...the easy way

A while back we removed some cabinets over the top of the island and this hole was left to be fixed.  We don't want to repair it until the weird 4x4's over the top of the island are removed as well.  Pretty sure those are going to leave some holes too!

Here's the hole:

Now, you'll need a piece of drywall, some drywall putty, a putty knife.  (realize that you are 500 months pregnant...you probably aren't, but I am)  Now that you have collected your supplies...go put the in the garage and grab a hammer and nail.

Hang a picture over the hole.... and tada.... the hole is "fixed" :)

-Make your life beautiful!!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cleaning Tips from Pinterest

So, lately I have been on random spurts of nesting....probably because I am 500 months pregnant.
I am so preggers that people don't say "Awe, when are you due?"  They say, "Lord, when are you due?"

Here are some tips from Pinterest that totally work!

Tips that work from Pinterest

1. Mattress Cleaner: Add 1 TBS of liquid fabric softener to 2 cups of baking soda and sprinkle on your mattress.  Leave for 1 hour and vacuum off.    (This makes your bed smell superb, plus it kills dust mites, ick.)

2. Magic Carpet Cleaner: 2 cups warm water, 1 TBS of Vinegar, 1 TBS clear dish soap.
(This took stains out of my bedroom carpet that the carpet cleaner wouldn't!)

3. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are the shit!  I mean it!  They absolutely deserve to be called magic! These boogers cleaned all the scuffs, crayon (thanks to Audrey), and random hand dirt off the walls.  Plus, I used it to clean my stainless steel sink that had a yellowy hue when we moved in-came right off.  It cleaned the nasty out of my washer tub, and countless other things!  I am all over these things, plus my kids aren't gigantic fans of cleaning, but I hand them one of these and they go to town on everything!

4. Wash your nasty shower liner.  All you do is take it down, shove it in the washer with some towels and washcloths, add soap and bleach and viola!!

5. Bathtub and shower cleaner.  Half white vinegar and half dawn dishsoap.  At first, this didn't work for me...mainly because I didn't read the directions.  You have to let it sit for like an hour.  I sprayed it and gave it 10 minutes, no dice.  The hour thing totally worked!!  WARNING: it makes your bathroom freaking stink....my kids could smell it in their room from the vents :)  It got dirt and grime off from the previous owners that I have had no luck trying to get it off!  Plus, I spray it, then race to see how much I can get done I the hour I have to wait!  Oh the excitement of a stay at home mom!

None of these ideas are my own, they are all found on my pinterest cleaning and organizing board.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Master Bathroom: Part 3 Vanity Redo

Here is the vanity redone and a sneak peak at the board and battens!!
Serious progress people! :)

Before pics of the vanity:

I know good pic right?....no I didn't take a good before pic, this is the one the previous owner took for me :)
I promise to take better before pics from now on out...maybe.  Dude, I have 3 kids and I'm like a thousand months pregnant so lay off the pressure.

It was your basic box store vanity. blah.

Now for the after:

Some more pics of the battens and the new trim.....OMG, I love it!!  I might have dry humped the wall...okay, I did.  Don't judge me, okay you have 2 seconds to judge me.....go.....1......2.....okay with all the judging over now, let's see the pretty sights!

I know, it's fabulous, right?!?  I love it...have I said that?

Hopefully tonight we can put in the toilet after I paint all the battens and trim behind the potty.  I am not trying to do that with a beach ball in my shirt!

I have one complaint....my pinterest is freaking broken.  Like, I go to the website, my header pops up and what's that no pictures.  After 3 days of no pinning, I have emailed the rat bastards to fix it.  Sorry, I didn't mean to call you rat bastards Pinterest people...it's the junkie in me detoxing.  Please, oh please fix my pinterest!!

-Make your life beautiful!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Master Bathroom: Part 2 Slate Floor

We ripped out the nasty linoleum here and have been slowly working on the slate floor that is finally complete!  Apparently when you only work when the baby is sleeping it takes forever for anything to get completed.  It's also a huge pain when you are 7 month preggo because my freaking brain doesn't work!!!

It's actually been finished for about a week....I'm a little slow on the posting, so sue me. No don't, well you won't get anything.

Isn't it spectacular?!?!  I stinking love it!  I keep walking in there and sitting to stare at it :) I even spruced up the air conditioning vent with a little ORB spray paint...looks brand new!

I painted the walls white where the board and batten will go!  We've also redone the vanity and are hoping to be done in the next week or so!

Now for a little story and this one is not about a man named Jed.  {you know your singing the song now :) }

Last Friday, I had a doctor's appointment for a pg checkup.  Not only do I get to rock the Gestational Diabetes train, but I also have to drive 45 min to get to my doctor's office.
Anywho, last Friday was Hayley's 8th birthday!

Here is how my plan for the day was suppose to go:

8:40-Leave House
9:30-Doctor Appointment
10:15ish-Pick up Hayley's other presents
11:30ish-Get Home make her cupcakes, play with the kids, finish picking up the house
1:00-3:00 -Audrey takes a nap
3:00-Hayley's friend comes over and we go swimming at the YMCA Water Park
6:00-The kids make mini pizzas and we have cupcakes.

 Much like everything I have planned when in a time crunch, it went to Hell in a hand basket!
How the day actually went:
8:40-Leave House

9:15- arrive at doctor, receptionist looks confused and tells me I'm early...I said yep, like 15 min.  You see, the doctor was booked that day and I had been double booked over another patient because he wanted me to come in and was on vacation this week.  I sit down in the waiting room and the nurse calls my name.  I start to stand up and he explains that the doctor doesn't have a patient until 9:50 and my appointment isn't until 10:10....shit I have to wait almost a freakin hour....I could totally use the sleep.

10:00-Doctor walks into my room and says oops, I have someone before you and starts to leave....I say are you freaking kidding me and explain that I have been waiting to see him for almost an hour and all he has to do is measure me. (I am measuring 2 weeks ahead, this is normal for someone with Gest. Diabetes.  They still have to make sure my little gentleman nugget isn't going to try to burst through my lady biz weighing 20lbs....)  He says well I can do that really quick....still too big, so now I need to schedule a sono to make sure the tiny monkey hasn't morphed into a giant gorilla baby!

10:20- driving to pick up Hayley's gift....when I hear thud, thud, thud....I've blown a mother fuzzing tire, son of a bitch!  We drove over a huge metal thing like a month ago and got all new tires then!  Damn, I pull over and it's not blown, just popped by a board with 3 nails in it.  Two of those nails are in my tire. Shit!  I pull the board out and the tire is immediately making a fizzing noise letting the air out.  I put my fingers over the holes.  What the hell am I going to do stand there with my fingers holding in the air...yep that sounds logical!  I let them go and quickly drive across the street to the gas station and call Mr. TSL.  He can't come help me because I am 50 minutes from home and I have the carseat.  Oops.  He calls my super awesome brother-in-law, who comes over assesses the situation fills the tire and Mr. TSL has found a place to fix it across the street for $17.  Awesome, we drive over there and they say it will take 20 minutes to patch the tire....they did not, however, mention that the wait to fix it was 2 hours.  At least it was clean and air conditioned!

Almost 1pm-  I finally make it to pick up Hayley's gifts.
Driving home, I come across 2 huge accidents and silently pray that I know I was having a crappy day, but to get me home safe and I will forget it all happened!

Mr. TSL has just laid Audrey down for a nap around 2 and I can hear her shouting because she knows I'm home....no nap for her.  Crap.  I needed some peace and quiet.  Not happening.  Mr. TSL and I make the cupcakes and put them in the oven, Hayley's friend shows up, I tell her mom how my day is going and she laughs and says I ought to just climb back in bed!  I wish....the day is going to get worse first!

Yep, I said worse.  About a month and a half ago I kicked my toe really hard...like, the toe nail is going to eventually come off, hard.  I am eating strawberries at the bar in the kitchen and sitting on the stool talking to Mr. TSL.  I drop a strawberry which is not uncommon for me, I go to jump down to retrieve said strawberry and kick the bad tow on the rail of the stool.  I instantly knew it was bad, I grab it and it is bleeding, I have ripped it loose....shit it hurts.  Mr. TSL is helping with the pain by making this obnoxious vomiting noises which is making me laugh.  Hayley and her friend start screaming that part of my bloody toe is on the kitchen floor....it's the strawberry I dropped...also funny!  I finally pull my hand off the toe and it looks really weird...like I cut the skin, then it dawns on me that I have actually popped half of the toe nail up and it is sitting on the cuticle!  Flipping gross!  Instead of heading to the pool we spent Hayley's party at the minor emergency center...sucky 8th birthday party!

-Make your life beautiful!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Splash of Red and a Visit from a Turtle :)

Original title for the post: Splash of red and a little visitor.....then I reread it in my head and it sounded like I was announcing getting my monthly friend!  Gross.

After the remodel of the front bathroomI recently decided that it needed some color and red it was!  I picked up 3 red towels from  Target...they are super soft and bright fire engine red.  However, they suck because the leave red lint all over you when you get out of the shower.  Even after being washed like 10 times!!

I also picked up some vintage badminton rackets at the GeeDub (Goodwill) for 99 cents each, they have the perfect chippy red paint on them and found  home in the potty as well!

find the seahorse art how to here

Then I switched up some art and added this:

The rug before:

I know the green floor in the kitchen is looking a little shabby and not in a shabby chic way :(
The rug after a little painters tape and some paint!

I am totally in love with the mini transformation of this bathroom, while the master bath gets a huge transformation.  Here is the latest pic of the floor...it's ready for tile tonight!

Now for the visit from the turtle..... we are turtle savers here.  We stop our vehicle on the side of the road and always help the turtle to the side of the road he was pointing.  Yes, I have gotten peed on doing this and no, it's not always safe, but we love turtles!  I would have a bumper sticker that said, "I brake for Turtles!"  if I didn't think bumper stickers were grotesque.  

 So, on the last day of school for the girls we were pleasantly surprised to get a visit from this guy on our porch.  Before I could grab the camera he was trying to hide with our concrete turtle Myrtle.

-Make your life beautiful!!