Wednesday, April 16, 2014

$5 Garage Door Makeover and counter top sneak peek

Sorry, it's been 10 years since I've blogged.  I've been super busy with, well life.  It takes like 65 hours for every online teaching application.  Usually after hour 40, my computer crashes and I curl in the fetal position to cry.  I'm being a little dramatic...maybe.

I'm like thisclose to finishing up the kitchen.  On Friday, Mr. TSL has no school so we will be rocking the subway tile together.  If it doesn't get done Friday, I will do it Monday by myself.  The counter top looks amazing and I LOVE IT!!!

Her are some picks of it being glued up and then stained.  It look phenomenal!  So much better!

Now to the garage door, last summer I painted it  gray and we put up some huge house numbers Mr. TSL cut out with a jigsaw from a 1x12.



Now the front of the house had a little more depth.  White house, white garage door, white trim.  Got a little boring.  This helped, but I really wanted a fancier garage door, so.....

I saw these:

I saw these 5 Gallon Stir Sticks.  They were like $1.20 each at WalMart.  I painted them ORB like I painted the handle and lock on the garage door.  Then I took some liquid nails and glued them on like carriage doors :)

I really want to stain the concrete something warm to balance the gray and white....all in due time friends!!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

need some sunshine.....

I am elbow deep in a giant mess in my kitchen.  Apparently, when your hubby brings home your countertop, a fire is lit under your ass to get the island painted.  Meaning, all the contents of the drawers, the drawers themselves, and the cabinet doors are all over my kitchen and dining room covered in primer waiting for the first coat of paint to happen at nap time today....  totally excited to wrap up this kitchen makeover.  It's getting close.

On a more depressing note, I am super sick of this friggin cold weather.  It was okay for a while.  Then we had a few days of 60s.  I cleaned out some gardens, started plotting outdoor adventures, then low and behold.   Boom.  More cold weather.  WTF.

To top off all the lack of spray painting weather, I am uber bummed that today my little brother left for his second tour in Afghanistan.  Yep, the shitty place with all the war and shit, you know the one who's higher ups are no longer telling us they will protect our troops on the border or something.  Yep that place.  I cry.  He lies and tells me he's going on vacation to Colorado and he'll see me in a year or so.  It's our thing. Blah.  He did get engaged the other day to a fabulous girl!  I have had the honor of being asked to plan their wedding for the 4th of July 2015.  So, I have immersed myself in the pinning of ideas for said wedding.  I am so excited to plan it!!! Thank God for the distraction of Pinterest!

I needed some sunshine and then I saw all of I want yellow everything. :)

images via

Monday, February 24, 2014

Kitchen Tile and some killer finds!!

I bought all the subway tile and all the goodies to put it up.  I'll be getting on that hopefully in the next week or so.  It's not a large space, so it shouldn't take too long to get done.  But, alas I think that about everything.  The kitchen island countertop is thisclose to being done.  I can almost taste it, that would be weird to taste you countertop, but whatever.  Judgy, much?!?

I'm hoping it all looks like this when I'm done:

So, I peruse Craigslist to find all kinds of goodies. This weekend I scored big twice.  We nabbed 117-large concrete pavers for $1 each!!  I can't wait until the weather warms up and I can get outside and work on some curba appeal!  On to my next score.....

I saw this pic on cl:

I like the dresser, but not for $125.  Plus, I hoard dressers, chairs, lamps, and rugs.  See that rug in the corner?  It is a vintage oriental rug.  I called about it.  The lady said she'd ask her husband if he wanted to sell it...he said no.  Then she said, I bet if you came in you could talk him into selling it to you.  So, I went in.  He was grumpy.  He said no.  I went in and instead of asking if he'd sell it, I offered him $40 for it.  He just looked at me like I was crazy.  He said, sure but you'll have to come back tomorrow because I can't move all the furniture off it by myself.  So, I did.  It's enormous.  Like 11 feet by 11ft ish.  Freaking huge.  for $40.  I'll post better pics soon, I am cleaning it today!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kitchen Update: Planked Island, Black Pantry Doors, etc....

So....this is the redo that never ends, it goes on and on my friends, some people started doing it not knowing 'bout the time, and they'll continue doing it FORVER just because, this is the redo that never ends......Is that song stuck in your head now?!? :)  How about this one, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all....damn now, it's stuck in my head.

So, we planked the back of the island with 1/4 inch plywood ripped down at Lowe's.

need to putty the rest of the nail holes and sand

I freaking love those stools!!  I love them even more because Mr. TSL got them out of the trash and brought them home for me!  I actually have 7, but I think that's overkill for this small island :)

I can't wait to paint this damn island, I am so sick of looking at it like's been done since December!!!

The doors do not look this shitty in real life.  Apparently the flash catches the mark from where my 9 year old helped me clean and sprayed down the doors and did a crappy job wiping up afterwards.

What's that you notice?  Why yes, I did get a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas and I love it....I might go in and stare at it sometimes...okay a lot.  The paint spots on the wall are for a new color, obviously.  I have yet to find the right color.  The lighter tan ones are too pink in the light in there.  I think I need more of a gray.. My mom has the perfect gray in her house.  The sample I had in that color looks really greenish...blah. Paint. Blah.  That black door is the medicine cabinet (at least the tops shelves away from tiny fingers are.  The other shelves house the waffle iron and little toys that get stores in there by the tiny fingers!!)  Yes, I also got one drawer pull took forever and I fucked up the holes on it, luckily the drawer pull covers it.  I quit after that one.  I think I'll make some template or offer dirty favors to my hubby to do it!! ;)

Kitchen Globe Light made from fish bowls....yes you read that right!

Thrift Store Score:  Mid Century Mustard Color Chair $5.99 plus 10% off....SOLD.

My Grandma and I made that pillow from a blanket I picked up at the thrift store too!! ;) 
Thrifter for life!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Label Maker Spice Jars

I needed to organize my most used spices in a more uniform way and they needed to be cute, because they sit on the shelf out for everyone to see.    So, I emailed this etsy seller and asked her to make me some.  I saw some of her cute Halloween labels and a light bulb went off.  Originally, I was going to buy a label maker and make them myself, but this was cheaper and I didn't have to do it!  Plus, she was lovely to work with!  She made them and shipped them to me super fast, all for $4! :)

the tall spice jars are from target, they are Archer Farms Spices in the grocery area.  I just refill them with cheaper spices.  The jars are from ikea, but I picked them up in the package for $2 at Goodwill! :)


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Obsession=This Bathroom

This bathroom makes my brain explode with excitement!
Photo via Desire To Inspire. 

the girls over at a beautiful mess posted it today.  i die.  i am already planning to redo our bathroom with a little inspiration from this bathroom.....what's that you say "you're in the middle of a kitchen reno" "didn't you just finish that damn bathroom"  Shut your dirty mouth, hooker.  Bite your tongue and be supportive.


Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year and Goals for January

Resolutions suck balls.  I, every year since I can remember, have vowed to lose weight.  I hate this resolution.  I sit down and figure out what I am going to do.  I do it.  I lose x amount of pounds.  Then I plan out if I keep up that weight loss each week then I should be to my goal by______fill in whatever date it is.  Then, I vow to keep track of it in my planner.  I mark what my weight should be by that date and what it should be each previous week to maintain the goal.  January passes and I'm over it.  It was boring. The kids didn't want to eat the food I was pressuring myself into sticking to.  I would try to make myself food and a different more delicious meal for my family.  Sometimes, I would eat both.  Kind of counter productive.

Then the guilt would set in.  I mean seriously.  Then each month that would follow I would re-plan my weight loss.  Black scratch marks over all the "suppose to be" weights in my planner.  Instead of hitting my goal by say July, I could do it by Thanksgiving....Christmas.....might as well just wait until the New Year and start then.  I mean seriously...October: Halloween candy, November: Thanksgiving dinner, December: Christmas Dinner.........what's the damn point at that time in the year.  Snowball effect.

This year is different.  I started the Whole 30 program.  It is awesome.  I am not going to lie.  It is a lot of prep work.  Like I wash all the damn pots and pans like 2 times per day at least.  Blah.  I have figured if I do most of the prep on Sunday, then I won't have so much work all week.  Plus, the kids go back to school tomorrow, so I don't have as much food to make during the day.

I am almost done with the first week.  I'm down 8 lbs.  I am ecstatic. But, that's not the point.  I am tired of feeling tired and sluggish.  I want to finish things I start.  I am tired of sitting on the computer pinning shit, when I could be living my damn life.  Seriously.  Giant suck whole of time.  I need to figure out a process to do this.  Like a timer for myself for Pinterest. Anywho, this has given me more energy and when I feel like it, I will share the meals I am making.

Another goal of mine for the year is to think about things before I buy them.  Too much money is being wasted on crap I see in other people's pictures or on pinterest and I really have no use for them.  I am re-donating too much stuff.  Plus, I just have a lot of things I don't need.  Flushing those out this year too!
I want to focus on quality and not quantity.  Like we need new shower curtain liners, instead of buying plastic shit from WalMart, I plan to buy cloth one's that I can wash, bleach, and will last longer...etc.

Now on to the house stuff for the month:
1. build the countertop for the island.
2. paint the island
3. put on all the hardware

living room:
1. rearrange some art
2. fix the desk area
3. build some boxes or crates for the entertainment center

dining room:
1. get the everyday mantle done
2. do something for a centerpiece for everyday use
3. hang the other light fixtures (we've already done this, but I like to add it because I need to blog it)

sorry no pics and it's all words.  I'll get you something to look at later this week.  That means I'll have to clean somewhere and take pictures, but whatever.