Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY: from ugly dresser hutch to fabulous mantel!!

I bought this dresser like forever ago for the girls bedroom.....yes I finished it like 6 months I haven't posted about it yet :(

Anyhow, it came with this fugly hutch that had a mirror on top.  Reminds me of those cheesy waterbed frames. Sorry, if I offended you about the waterbed.  I think they kind of, well, belong in porns.

It looked like this before:

Mr. TSL made wraparound sleeve thing for it and then it turned into this:

please note in this photo:  I do realize there is a vintage gas can in my fireplace, but that is a chalkboard and not real flames.  Generally, chalk doesn't cause house fires and the can has been empty for a number of years! :)

view of the back of the fireplace:

Okay, one more's my turtle.  He's my absolute fave!!

-Make your life beautiful!!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

how to kill ants...for good

So, the winter was so mild and lovely! Right?!?  Good then, bad now.  We live way out in the country, on a dirt road, right near a lake....we have bugs, lots of bugs and they usually don't bug {punny} us until later in the year.

The first little f-ers were the rolly pollies.  The were in the front bathroom and were super pissing me off.  Audrey actually picked one up and through it in the bathtub...yuck.

Then, we ate dinner out side yesterday and the freaking mosquitoes are the size of birds already.  This wouldn't bother some (Mr. TSL never gets bit).  Hayley and I usually look like we have chicken pox because we are so covered in them.  I am a let's see how fast we can rip the flesh off and leave a scar! Awesome.
I found a product for that and will yack about that in a minute.

Ants-that's the most recent one.  At our old house, we always had them on the counter in the summer.  It was a super old house and I could never figure out where the little turds were coming in.  I tried all the
"organic and earth friendly options,"  nothing freakin' worked.  We recycle and compost and eat as organic as possible, but when it comes to bugs in my house....THEY CAN FREAKIN' DIE!!!!  A miserable death, like I hope they are thinking, "I knew I shouldn't have gone inside."  I always leave bugs alone outside, I tell the girls not to kill them because that is their home and they are doing their jobs.  Come in my house and it's a different story!!

Back to the Ant deaths.....
A friend suggested I use Terro, she said it's at Wal-Mart in the lawn and garden with all the other bug junk.
I bought it and followed the directions.  You just tear off these little cardboard pieces and put a few drips of this clear fluid.

 Let me tell you, if you see 6 ants on your counter....there are hundreds more you can't see.  Just put this stuff down and see how many come out to try's the shiz, in the ant killing department.  

Terro did not pay me to write this, just sharing something that works for me.  Plus, while I was writing this I googled an image for the Terro Ant Killer and found this:

I am so excited to try this, you have no idea!!  I want to roll in the little mosquito repellent granules and sparkly like Edward Cullen!!

-Make your life beautiful!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trip to Kansas City

A few weeks ago, some of our friends welcomed a fabulous baby girl into the world!   She is super cute...according to her mom, she is not as cute as mom though ;)  {she's kidding, that's how we roll...I've been teaching her parenting through put-downs and sarcasm}  Kind of like these:

Since they are first time parents and we like to rock a hot mess of crazy train when we go anywhere, we opted to stay at a hotel.  It was the new Hampton Inn in Olathe...which I totally recommend.  It had all the requirements I need for a hotel... kick ass continental breakfast, indoor pool, clean room (no roaches in my hair....I'll save that for a later post), plus it was only $89 a night.

We went with the plan to go to the zoo on Saturday.  We drove all the way to the zoo, only to find out that it was free entry for 2 counties.  There were 1 billion people there, that's not an exaggeration.  Then we decided to go to Crown Center.  It was a mall that had a play area, Crayola Store, LegoLand, an Aquarium, some severely over-priced stores, and a cool restaurant called Fritz'.

LegoLand and the Aquarium open later this month....nope we didn't get to see them, maybe next time.

However, the play area was a blast!!

-make your life beautiful!!