Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Orange ya glad I didn't say banana?!- Part 2 Add some color to your life

Orange is a fabulous color!  I could never paint anything orange though....maybe a teen room if they wanted it!  It's too loud for me, I'm loud enough on my own!  I do think these people did a fantastic job using it!

Kitchen @ Big Chill
I love the old school refrigerators and stoves!

Living Rooms:
Living Room
Living Room

Dining Room:
Fabulous Dining Room
Dining Room

OMG I love this room!!!!
Love the blanket!

I am thinking now that I may want to do something orange in my house!!  I love that bedroom with the hanging beds.  Not sure how functional it would be with kids.  I can only imagine them slamming them into the wall trying to get on them.  But, still they are fantastic!  I am thinking that I want Audrey out of our room....mommy's not sleeping very well.  This would mean Morgan and Hayley would have to share a room again for a little while.  Their rooms are huge and this wouldn't be a problem, but they have had a taste of having their own rooms (can I take that away?).  We'll see!!

Make your life beautiful!

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