Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trip to Kansas City

A few weeks ago, some of our friends welcomed a fabulous baby girl into the world!   She is super cute...according to her mom, she is not as cute as mom though ;)  {she's kidding, that's how we roll...I've been teaching her parenting through put-downs and sarcasm}  Kind of like these:

Since they are first time parents and we like to rock a hot mess of crazy train when we go anywhere, we opted to stay at a hotel.  It was the new Hampton Inn in Olathe...which I totally recommend.  It had all the requirements I need for a hotel... kick ass continental breakfast, indoor pool, clean room (no roaches in my hair....I'll save that for a later post), plus it was only $89 a night.

We went with the plan to go to the zoo on Saturday.  We drove all the way to the zoo, only to find out that it was free entry for 2 counties.  There were 1 billion people there, that's not an exaggeration.  Then we decided to go to Crown Center.  It was a mall that had a play area, Crayola Store, LegoLand, an Aquarium, some severely over-priced stores, and a cool restaurant called Fritz'.

LegoLand and the Aquarium open later this month....nope we didn't get to see them, maybe next time.

However, the play area was a blast!!

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