Monday, July 11, 2011

Painted Floors...what should I do?!?

Due to the fact that we are a family of 5 on one teacher's salary.  We don't have the budget to lay down the flooring I'd like and I don't want to settle on some crap that will work for now!  I know good and well that if we put down crappy flooring it will stay.  I DON'T want crappy flooring!!  So, I have been internally debating about painting the floor.

Remember when I pulled the carpet up in my dining room and kitchen.  The carpet in the kitchen was that nasty 80's thin crapet (yes, I know I typed crapet on purpose!).  It had a tile looking pattern and that yellow foam backing that apparently doesn't come off the stupid floor!!

Well after walking on it for 3 months we have worn down most of the crap and I think I could get away with painting it now!!

In the begin stages of my blogdom (you know, when no one but family read my blog)  I had a post with inspirational pics of painted flooring! 

Little Blue Chairs' Blog
I love the huge checker board pattern!
Coastal Living
Design Sponge
Another Large Checkerboard
Oooo Diagonals!
I like the border around the edge, definitely doing this for ours.  It looks more finished.
Loving this!  I'm thinking I like the colors and worn look for this floor!

I like the idea of striped too, because this would be much easier than checkerboard.
This could be an easy alternative to checkerboard, because you could just use really wide painters tape!
This is nice and I love the ceiling!!
Those were all the pics from my first post on the subject of painting the floor.  I have since found more pics that I have been lusting after!!

This one makes me a little dizzy, but it's so beautiful!!

I am thinking just a plain white floor would be simple and awesome!  Jonathan Adler did this one and it is to die for!

This room is way too much for me but I do love the floor. It's like s strappy quilt that has random pieces ordered by a perfect grid. This idea could be executed in a million different ways.

DIY Showoff
The last pic is done in a bathroom and she has the perfect shade of brown called Journey-the browns I find always look like poo!

So, what should I do?!?  I am thinking white floor with a painted "rug" under where (say it fast underwear hahaha...hey, it's late!) the dining room table will be and a real rug for the kitchen.

I don't want too much going on visually on the floor because I painted my stairs and I love them!!

-Make your life beautiful!!

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  1. I'm getting ready to paint my porch floor. Love these ideas...thanks! I'm leaning toward a checkered floor for it. I've painted lots of the flooring in my house, and we had some carpet we pulled up with that yellow foam, too. What a PAIN. But my husband scraped most of it, and I just painted right over it...and it looks great. We've had it for 7 years now. I plan on posting about the floors I've done in my house sometime in the next week. Hope you find what you want...there are some GREAT ideas on the internet, aren't there?! :)

  2. crapet! love it! okay so i'm with you, i love the border, it really finishes the look. i love the big checkered patterns. they feel really vintage, but still modern. a few are way to modern for me, i can't wait to see which one you do and what colors! good luck. thanks for partying with me!

  3. Some great inspiration from those photos! Saw you on a linky party. I am now google following you, please pop by, Karima x

  4. Beautiful selections. They're all so pretty! Thank you for linking to Handy Man, Crafty Woman Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  5. Great ideas...thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see what you do. And you are so right...the crappy floor will stay. Avoid it like the plague. Ugh. I want to rip up the carpet in my sewing room and paint the sub-flooring. I haven't convinced my hubs yet, though. : )
    Good luck!

  6. I like the red and white one that you mentioned looked like you could just use wide painters tape to create a diagonal pattern. It looks good and seems like it might be quicker and easier than some of the others. I'm going through the same dilemma since I have the thin nasty carpet for half my kitchen and terrible linoleum in the other half. I painted my craft room floor {} and have been debating whether or not to do other rooms because I don't want to pay for flooring in the rest of the house. Good luck with yours!

  7. Really looking forward to seeing what you do! I'm in a similar position, and thinking about painting mine too...thanks for the inspirational post!

  8. These are beautiful inspiration pictures! I love painted floors and can't wait to see what you decide to do. I'm a new follower!

  9. Beautiful collection of painted floors. I have been begging my husband to rip up our carpet and we could experiment with painting the concrete. He is not sold in it.

    I would love for you to link up and share this list of resources with my readers!

  10. It looks so cool. I don't think I'm brave enough to do it though.

  11. Great ideas from your photos. I'm thinking of repainting my utility room and saw a painted floor recently that I have scheduled to post on my blog 8/2 with easy circles that I might try.

  12. great post. sooo many awesome ideas. i was pinning away!! i have several bare floors i need to paint. we featured you today. thanks for linking up.

  13. Loved this post. I wish I had the courage to do this. I did it once in my upstairs office but when it eventually wore through I had black and white tile put in instead. Now I wish I had repainted something totally unique. These were some great images. I will be pinning away. :)

  14. very Exclusive and interesting blog.I enjoyed reading your blog.

  15. Indeed, these are very nice. I like the checkerboard design but I fell in love with the diagonals. They are just so perfect. This design makes everything seem to be floating. Thank you for your blog.

  16. Floor painting is a creative and fun way of transforming a boring floor into one that will attract more positive and vibrant energy. What makes it even better is that homeowners can do this on their own without much hassle. There are also several designs to choose from. All you need to do is to let your imagination work. These examples you have shared are very inspiring. Thank you for posting.


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