Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cleaning Tips from Pinterest

So, lately I have been on random spurts of nesting....probably because I am 500 months pregnant.
I am so preggers that people don't say "Awe, when are you due?"  They say, "Lord, when are you due?"

Here are some tips from Pinterest that totally work!

Tips that work from Pinterest

1. Mattress Cleaner: Add 1 TBS of liquid fabric softener to 2 cups of baking soda and sprinkle on your mattress.  Leave for 1 hour and vacuum off.    (This makes your bed smell superb, plus it kills dust mites, ick.)

2. Magic Carpet Cleaner: 2 cups warm water, 1 TBS of Vinegar, 1 TBS clear dish soap.
(This took stains out of my bedroom carpet that the carpet cleaner wouldn't!)

3. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are the shit!  I mean it!  They absolutely deserve to be called magic! These boogers cleaned all the scuffs, crayon (thanks to Audrey), and random hand dirt off the walls.  Plus, I used it to clean my stainless steel sink that had a yellowy hue when we moved in-came right off.  It cleaned the nasty out of my washer tub, and countless other things!  I am all over these things, plus my kids aren't gigantic fans of cleaning, but I hand them one of these and they go to town on everything!

4. Wash your nasty shower liner.  All you do is take it down, shove it in the washer with some towels and washcloths, add soap and bleach and viola!!

5. Bathtub and shower cleaner.  Half white vinegar and half dawn dishsoap.  At first, this didn't work for me...mainly because I didn't read the directions.  You have to let it sit for like an hour.  I sprayed it and gave it 10 minutes, no dice.  The hour thing totally worked!!  WARNING: it makes your bathroom freaking kids could smell it in their room from the vents :)  It got dirt and grime off from the previous owners that I have had no luck trying to get it off!  Plus, I spray it, then race to see how much I can get done I the hour I have to wait!  Oh the excitement of a stay at home mom!

None of these ideas are my own, they are all found on my pinterest cleaning and organizing board.


  1. I've wanted to try the dawn and vinegar. I'll have to do it when my son's in school. Oh yes, the joys of being an at home mom! LOL

  2. This is so apt for the holiday season! The prospect of cleaning before New Year’s Eve is not so appealing though. Haha! Anyway, this should always be done, in our household, at the very least. After all, who wants mess to be hanging around the whole year? On another note, clean your carpets last. It makes sense since it is the lowest part of the house and will probably be where the dirt from mattresses, furniture, etc. land when you start cleaning up.

  3. These are wonderful and easy to do cleaning tips! I agree with and highly suggest tip number 2. I’ve been using this solution, and it has never failed me. Plus it’s safe to use and is very easy to prepare. You should try this and maintain the quality of your carpet.

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