Monday, July 30, 2012

Master Bathroom: Part 3 Vanity Redo

Here is the vanity redone and a sneak peak at the board and battens!!
Serious progress people! :)

Before pics of the vanity:

I know good pic right? I didn't take a good before pic, this is the one the previous owner took for me :)
I promise to take better before pics from now on out...maybe.  Dude, I have 3 kids and I'm like a thousand months pregnant so lay off the pressure.

It was your basic box store vanity. blah.

Now for the after:

Some more pics of the battens and the new trim.....OMG, I love it!!  I might have dry humped the wall...okay, I did.  Don't judge me, okay you have 2 seconds to judge me.....go.....1......2.....okay with all the judging over now, let's see the pretty sights!

I know, it's fabulous, right?!?  I love it...have I said that?

Hopefully tonight we can put in the toilet after I paint all the battens and trim behind the potty.  I am not trying to do that with a beach ball in my shirt!

I have one pinterest is freaking broken.  Like, I go to the website, my header pops up and what's that no pictures.  After 3 days of no pinning, I have emailed the rat bastards to fix it.  Sorry, I didn't mean to call you rat bastards Pinterest's the junkie in me detoxing.  Please, oh please fix my pinterest!!

-Make your life beautiful!!


  1. we all want that our bathroom would look good specially it reflects who we are..we need to be more organized and we should clean it everyday so would be good to look at..


  2. I love it!! I seriously think you are the most productive pregnant person ever!

  3. Lol! 'Vanities' told you to go clean your bathroom. I love your board and batten! Stopping by thru DIY Showoff and trolling the rest of your stuff.


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