Thursday, February 27, 2014

need some sunshine.....

I am elbow deep in a giant mess in my kitchen.  Apparently, when your hubby brings home your countertop, a fire is lit under your ass to get the island painted.  Meaning, all the contents of the drawers, the drawers themselves, and the cabinet doors are all over my kitchen and dining room covered in primer waiting for the first coat of paint to happen at nap time today....  totally excited to wrap up this kitchen makeover.  It's getting close.

On a more depressing note, I am super sick of this friggin cold weather.  It was okay for a while.  Then we had a few days of 60s.  I cleaned out some gardens, started plotting outdoor adventures, then low and behold.   Boom.  More cold weather.  WTF.

To top off all the lack of spray painting weather, I am uber bummed that today my little brother left for his second tour in Afghanistan.  Yep, the shitty place with all the war and shit, you know the one who's higher ups are no longer telling us they will protect our troops on the border or something.  Yep that place.  I cry.  He lies and tells me he's going on vacation to Colorado and he'll see me in a year or so.  It's our thing. Blah.  He did get engaged the other day to a fabulous girl!  I have had the honor of being asked to plan their wedding for the 4th of July 2015.  So, I have immersed myself in the pinning of ideas for said wedding.  I am so excited to plan it!!! Thank God for the distraction of Pinterest!

I needed some sunshine and then I saw all of I want yellow everything. :)

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  1. I know you're as depressed as I am about the storm this weekend :-( And I don't think I would mind getting snowed in on a Sunday if it meant eating waffles and brownies all day and watching movies, but I can't eat ANYTHING good. Such a bummer. I think a punch of bright yellow would be awesome... I'm going to find a place for some in my place!


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