Friday, May 6, 2011

rust buckets to rustic beauties :)

I have always wanted some old metal chairs.  I love them, they remind me of a time when things were simpler and you sat on your front porch until the fireflies came out.  I look for them at flea markets and garage sales, but they were always too pricey or there was something else I had to spend money on.

I have mentioned in older posts that the previous owners left a lot of their stuff for us.  Some of it was hauled to the dump and some of it was treasures waiting for a face lift.  Mr. TSL was perusing the property after purchasing and found a pair of these beauties on the back part of the land.

I new I could redo them.....eventually.  It's been a while and I have many many other projects going on right now.  Redoing a table, a bathroom remodel, painting the dining room and Hayley and Audrey's room....the list is much longer, but if you are anything like me you have become bored with what I'm doing and have said, "Come on, show me the chair redo!"

Or you have already scrolled down to look at the after and like me if it's good then I'll read the post! ;)

Anyhow, on my millionth trip to Lowe's for a random thing for the bathroom remodel I saw the clearance section.  After looking at most of it and deciding I need nothing, I saw spray paint- I love spray paint!  It was all Rustoleum and had 2 colors.  A reddish color that looked like my mom's tomato soup with milk in it---yum grill cheese and tomato soup---back to the paint.  While I love tomato soup, the color was eh.  Then behind it I saw the color Night Tide- it just sounds lovely doesn't it?!?  They had 3 cans marked down from $4.24 to $1.06!  SOLD!

I new exactly what it was getting used for!

After painting one, I learned some things:
1. Always take off your wedding ring when painting!
2. Little drafts of wind while spray painting SUCK!
3. Not to hold the can in the same spot for too long, short even stroked work best. That's what she said!
4. Always change in to paint clothes, even when you think you won't get paint on you!
5. When you breathe blue paint, you get blue boogers!

After the first chair most of my exposed skin looked like Smurfette!

Morgan told me I looked bruised and then my parents stopped by to visit and dad said I looked like I belonged on Avatar.  Yes, my right arm may be a little blue :)

So after some spray paint and one and a half cans of Rustoleum's Night Tide, they look like this:

So much better!!

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  1. Love it! I have that same color in my house! But I didn't get it on clearance, now I need to run to my lowes!

  2. Sooo pretty, Kari! Just want they needed.
    And I almost choked on my iced tea reading the blue boogers part!

  3. Very nice! I've always wanted chairs like these.....and your blue boogers comment cracked me up! : )

  4. Love these old chairs! They look great in blue!

  5. They came out really great. A great color too and it was on clearance. That's always a bonus. Did you have to prime first or seal the rust somehow?

  6. They look so great. I love the shape of the chairs. So classic. And the color is really nice.

  7. Wonderful chairs, reminds me of my Gramma's!

  8. Love this! The color is awesome. I would've paid $4 for it easily, but $1?!? Whatta score!

    Hope the 'blues' are gone ;)

  9. Love the chairs. They turned out awesome!


  11. I LOVE this style of chair! They turned out Fabulous!!


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