Friday, October 11, 2013

deciding on a herringbone floor pattern

After our foundation cracked last summer from 2 summers of extreme drought, putting matching hardwood floors in the living room and dining room wasn't an option anymore.  We decided to lay new carpet in the living room and it's great.  We still wanted something else by the door so the carpet wasn't eternally disgusting.  So I chose peel and stick wood flooring.

While I have changed the entry, once again,  I still love this flooring.  It doesn't warp if it gets wet, it is super easy to clean and it's extremely affordable!

I also put it in our front closet and in the Laundry Room Makeover.
please note, I hadn't put the trim back on or touched up the black paint, yes my laundry room/pantry is black.
After living with it for a while, I have decided this is the flooring for the dining room and kitchen.  With 4 kids, I don't always catch spills and I don't want to ruin a $2000 floor because someone's sippy cup leaked for too long.  Plus, our painted floor {while this looked good for a while} is looking really shabby.  
The total cost is going to run us about $300 in flooring and I am guessing another $100 in extra glue and floor primer.  Significantly less than hardwood.  

On to the pattern for the floor, I laid the entry, closet and laundry room normally.  They were small spaces and a larger design would have been wasted.  The dining room and kitchen however are a much larger space and I am trying to decide how I want to run the herringbone pattern.

These are my inspiration pics:
so lovely

I really like this one, it's less traditional and visually doesn't catch my eye as herringbone

the pic on the left the herringbone runs the opposite of the first pic I showed you



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