Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 before 30.... part 2

I am working on the following:
I turn 30 in 138 days.  I have decided that I would like to do 30 things before then :)
So, here's my list:

1.  Lose 30 lbs-about 7.5lbs per month (totally doable)! I'm eating better, and when I reach this goal I will tell you my starting weight until then I'm going with what my drivers license says...135 (It was correct...in high school :)  )
2. Get my wedding ring fixed- I bent the crap out of it when I was carrying in paint cans.  I don't know if that's how it got bent, or if that's when I noticed it.  But it happened in like January...needs fixed pronto!
3.  Go out to dinner only 2 times a month-only on kids eat free night!  This should help with our budget :)
4.  Finish painting the kitchen and dining room floor-yep I started it!  I should be able to post about it this week! DONE  :)  Read about it here.
5.  Finish painting the green dining chairs
6.  Exercise twice a week-anything else is a bonus. I did pilates today, one more this week and we're cooking with grease on the fire...maybe I should cook with something healthier. hahahaha
7.  Organize the kitchen cabinets
8.  Help mom decorate her house
9.  Floss daily  I suck at this one....I'll go do it right now :)
10.  Build a baby gate
11.  Get a mani/pedi-  I've had manicures twice, but never a pedicure!  Mom you are totally going with me :)
12.  Take vitamins everyday.  Gonna go do this one too....
13.  Paint dresser in the garage for Morgan and Hayley
14.  Wash my face before bed every night-I am usually so exhausted I just fall asleep with it on.  Who am I kidding?  I have ALWAYS been this way! Jeez what am I doing to myself... I will do this after I take my vitamins and floss my teeth... yikes I have terrible habits!
15.  Build book shelves
16.  Do something nice for my brothers-all of them
17.  Stencil a wall (I stenciled a tray and LURVE it!!  More on that this week.)
18.  Host Thanksgiving for my family
19.  Plant flower bulbs in the fall, so we have beautiful flowers in the spring!
20.  Go for a couples massage!   ;)
21.  Dress up for Halloween
22. Carve pumpkins and decorate the house at the beginning of October
23.  Make a faux fireplace mantel
24.  Make the girls' lunches everyday
25.  Declutter the house-Working on it!!  Cleaned a whole load of crap for GW from the house and garage.  I have also been cleaning each area at a time to get rid of the crap!!)
26.  Spend less time on the computer.  Only after the kids have gone to bed, or before they are awake.  shame shame....totally calling myself out on this one!  I got so excited about the Chevron floor I spent too much time on here today!  Plus, I am selling some stuff on craigslist to help with the decluttering and I checked my email a lot today.
27.  Put clothes away after I fold them--I wash them, dry them, fold them and stack them on the dryer.
28.  Make dinner by 5:30 every night
29.  Teach Audrey to walk and wean her around 12 months or so.
30.  Read Janet Evanovich book 17

-Make your life beautiful and your butt smaller!! hahaha 

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