Friday, October 25, 2013

H&M Purchases

A while ago, I decided I needed to start dressing better.  Being dressed cute always makes you feel better.  I often can be found in yoga pants and a crappy shlubby t-shirt with paint all over it.  Most days I wasn't doing my hair or putting on make-up.  I use to get ready and look cute for work, but when I had Audrey I stayed home, then Oliver came and it was even harder to get ready.  Now, I take care of 2 other kids to help with money.  This makes 4 kids under 4. ALL DAY.  I was getting lucky to even get in a shower.  Gross, I know.  Or you are going, oh my God me too.  Either way I was getting sick of it.  I have a fat butt and not so big boobies.  Both of which I am fine with.

Yes, some weight loss would be nice, but I found myself saying "I'll buy new clothes when I lose x amount of pounds....  I don't want to waste money buying cute jeans at this size, I'll just wear the crappy one's I have.....and so on."  Well, eventually I hope to be a healthier weight I still need to feel fabulous now.

I was on a mission to get some pieces of clothing to make up some cute outfits for fall/winter that I would look cute, feel comfortable in, and not constantly be adjusting/tugging at my clothes.

A few outfits I wanted to piece together:

Also, I decided after staring at this pic forever that I most certainly needed to cut my hair.  It was looking ratty and blah.  My hair is very fine and looks stringy when it's grown out.  It was also almost always in a weird wad of a bun on my head.  Not a cute bun, but more like just out of my face bun. Shlubby again.  So, I had my friend Tammy cut my hair.  I love it.  Like super love it.  

Back to the clothes and the H&M Purchases.  I was looking for some sweater/tunic shirts to wear with skinnies/leggings.  I found some, they were like $50 each.  Yikes.  Then I was searching H&M's home stuff again. {I would rather buy stuff for my house over clothes always} I found some of their new fabulous pillows that totally tie my bedroom together, more on that another day.  So, I decided to peruse the clothes.  Fabulous and affordable.  
Then I found this tunic sweatshirt.  I order all three colors. These were $18 each.

And this sweater.  I ordered, black, white and stripes.  These were buy 2 get 1 free.  Which made them $13.30 each.
This sweater will need a tank underneath, but I can totally make a few of the super cute outfits from Pinterest with these!  

I cannot even explain to you how much I hate trying on clothes.  Mostly because I usually look like crap when shopping and that just makes it worse.  Plus, it's a pain in the ass trying to pull your 3 year old back into your dressing room while you baby screams in the cart you pushed into the too small dressing room and your older kids sit outside the dressing room and say "are you done yet?"  Mr. TSL tries to help by taking them, but usually by the time he does that I am done. Like super done.  Like "I don't care if I ever go out of our house I don't want to stare at my muffin top want to crawl into a hole" done.
I should get all dolled up, then try on clothes after I have had a few margaritas.  

I buy clothes online a lot, because nothing is more stressful than trying to find cute clothes that fit your big butt, but aren't too big for your smaller waist and bust.  These are the problems that plague me.  Anywho, I freaking love all of these tops and the purse I ordered (first new purse in forever-usually it's goodwill stuff that's okay) and the pillows for my bed.  I have never been 100% satisfied with an online purchase.  There's always tha tinge of "the quality is not what I thought it would be."  Not these I freaking love them and can't wait to get dressed!  Seriously.  That is a huge feat for me.  I can see all kinds of kitchy house crap or furniture and see it's potential and can make it look amazing. Getting dressed has always been a chore, but I am actually excited to wear these.  

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