Monday, January 16, 2012

when life gives you lemons....

make lemonade, right?!?  what if when you squeeze the lemons the little sting-y bastards get in the little cuts on your hands?  and did life give you sugar and water, because your lemonade is going to suck if it didn't!

i want to add vodka to mine :)

i found these uses for lemons as well...

sorry, i haven't posted in a while....lots of crap has happened.  i have a ton of stuff to post about though.  i have taken on a babysitting job to help with our lack of funds.  she is super little, so i do a lot of new baby holding, patting of the tushie, and feeding her. this leaves little time for projects and blogging.  not to mention all the other crap i've been dealing with.  so, i will try to get back to bliggity blogging when i have time.

this post may be laced with negative nancy-ness (please note: nancy is a lovely name), but don't be fooled i am and always will be a positive patsy!

yesterday, i walked out of the GW (pronounced: Gee-Dub, short for goodwill)  and a stupid lady hit my yukon right in front of me, pulled out and was going to leave.  are you fucking kidding me???  i proceeded to jump in front of her car and made her get out.  that's right bitch, in america we take responsibility for shit we do!  there was like no damage to my car.  a light scuff and a mark on my biggie.  but, she gets out and tells me she doesn't need this and begins to chew my ass for it.  i was like chicka what?  then i said, "are you fucking kidding me, i can call the cops and they can get involved or you can say sorry like you should have in the first place."  that's all i needed.  really.  but if you are going to chew my ass for hitting me, she is freakin lucky i had my kids with me, because i was in a bitch slap mood.  then she went a parked all f-ed up in another parking space.  what is wrong with people?!?  seriously.

images via pinterest

negative nancy is now leaving the building, positive patsy will be back tomorrow :)
love you all!

-make your life beautiful!


  1. Whoa. The rage would have caused my eyeballs to explode out of my head.

    I've got one too: A lady once tried to sue me for $75,000 after she hit my car. It was really neat. Her attorney ended up dropping the suit with his tail between his legs when my insurance company's lawyers handily proved what a dumbass she was.

    Why are people such assholes to each other?

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