Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What have I been up to you ask?!?

Okay, you didn't ask, but I'm going to tell you anyway!! :)  The entry way is done for now (Mr. TSL is building me a bench and I am super excited about it!  The one sitting there is only temporary and will find a new home on the sun porch when the new one's finished!)

Before entry way:
Remember-not my picture! 
I lost the curtains for some bamboo blinds. Mr. TSL and I made the coat hooks and I made the letter/number art for above at my New Years Party....yes I said AT...I know, the party was off the hook.   I couldn't drink and no one else was drunk enough for board games yet (that came later).  I had wanted to complete it prior to every one showing up, but I was cleaning for-e-ver!!!  Apparently having two big kids, a baby, a neurotic border collie who likes mud puddles and eating 2x4's, and Mr. TSL and I, our house can get messy quickly!
So, without further ado..... here it is!
Okay, a break down of the costs.  Most of this stuff I've had for a looooong time, so I am trying to remember it all.
  1. Picture Frame Art-$3 each (Dollar General Frames) $15 total
  2. Art inside-$.75-(It's just poster board!)  I use poster board as mattes in pictures because it's  über cheap! 
  3. Bench-Free (it was a gift from my mother-in-law!)
  4. Umbrella holder-$15 on clearance at The World Market (It has handmade kites from my mother-in-law in it, a few umbrellas and our racket ball rackets.)
  5. Coat hooks- $2.50 each (from eBay like 3 years ago, I lost them for a little while and found them while we were moving!) $15 total
  6. Clock-my aunt use to sell Home Interiors (I did too...well mainly I just bought discounted stuff) $10
  7. Frame with post card- $3 (Goodwill)
  8. Hanging Giant Keys- $5 clearance from Hobby Lobby
  9. Metal Locker Baskets-FREE (Their were 6 in the garage cabinet holding old spray paint when we moved in!)  Pottery Barn sells some like it, but they are way to expensive for my tastes!
  10. Potted Plant-FREE (mom gave me the fake plant and the crock was here when we moved in holding a fake plant with real dirt-strange)
Total cost- $63.75 (It didn't feel like that much because the only thing I've bought since we moved in was the frames!)

I know your thinking, "What else could she be up to?"  Well, thank you for asking. I would love to show you!

In an old post I told you that Mr. TSL and I have dreamed of moving to Colorado for a very long time.  We found a house out there a while back that was in Red Feather Lake, CO.  At the time, we were no where done with college and knew it wasn't going to happen, but we still looked at it and we still talk about it.  So I made a sign from a piece of wood I saved from the burn barrel.

Cost-FREE   We had all the paint leftover from other projects.  It's kind of warped because it sat outside before it's life as a sign, but I still love it just the same!

Oh wait, there is more!!  This is my favorite.... 
I had really ugly faux Tiffany stain glass butterfly lights in the kitchen-I hate them!  They remind me of a cheap version of the lights that hang above the tables at Scrapplebee's (that's Applebee's for those of you who don't speak kid).  They looked like this:
Here is another view:
Not my picture!
Here they are done!!

Cost- I scored the bases for both lights for $10 each on eBay (No shipping charge!!)  The Mason Jar is a half gallon blue mason I picked up at the flea market for $8!  The other blue jar is currently housing homemade pickles in my mom's fridge, but she's bringing it to me this weekend and then they will both be up!!  Right now, Mr. TSL put my big clear jar up from my beachy tablescape.

And a sneak peak at the front bathroom redo.  The rest is getting done during spring break!!!!
It looked like this before:
Just a sneak peak-remember?
I can't wait til it's done!!  :) 

Make your life beautiful!


  1. Everything you have done is fabulous. I especially like the light you have hanging in the kitchen...So cool!

    Take care,

  2. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. Your before and after pictures are so impressive and you can't beat the prices! I can't wait to see the reveal of your striped bathroom!

  3. Love, love the entrance way. Great before and after pics. Lookin' good!

  4. Great idea!
    Love the painted stripe walls.....maybe you could stop on by my simply creations link party tomorrow and link this up :o) My simple home life

  5. I'm a log cabin lover too over at Mel's Cabin blog...I'm thinking about doing that same wall strip in our den....I did something like it in our basement for my granddaughters room...I posted pictures at www.cabinfever228.blogspot.com...come on over ...


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