Monday, November 28, 2011

Project Fat Ass, I'm on it....

So, my 30lb weight loss for my 30th bday is not going to happen.  Boo. I'd like to say I ate healthy and exercised...but I didn't.  I eat relatively healthy, but I am a glutton for dessert.  Yep, I {heart} baked goods!  It wouldn't be as bad, but I can bake. Really well.  So, 30lbs isn't happening :(

I did see this on pinterest and I am on it.  I can handle this, it's a 30 day challenge.

I did it calves are dying :)  In a good way, if there is a good death for your calves.

-Make your life beautiful!

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  1. Oh God... Project Fat Ass! I'm dying! HAHAHA

    Well I did terrifically on the carb addicts diet last week... for 3 days and then it went to total hell over Thanksgiving (which everyone knows lasts for 2 to 3 days after the actual meal. I mean I can't just stop eating because it's not technically Thanksgiving anymore... right?)

    But I'm on it too this week, and I'm almost back to my pre Thanksgiving weight. Good God. :)


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