Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creating with the Stars Entry

So, I am entering Creating with the Stars over at East Coast Creative!!
Go over and click on my link!!  The top 11 will be chosen by the stars...have you seen who the blog stars are?  I die!  Anywho, the 12th is chosen by the link that has the most clicks!!



  1. Hi! I typed out the giant reply below to your comment on my blog and then decided to hijack the comments on your blog to talk about myself so that I was sure you would see it!! Self-involved doesn't even begin to describe me :)

    Kari, you read my mind! I was going to FB message you later. So I feel like this is my first grown up apartment and instead of just randomly shoving a bunch of shit into it that I kinda sorta like, but kinda sorta don't like, I should take some time and really make it exactly how I want it. BUT I am kind of overwhelmed with ideas. I made an 'Apartment' board on pinterest that i've been adding to. Will you take a look at it? I would say my tastes are very eclectic, sort of mid century modern with a touch of Royal Tenenbaums(???). I don't like matchy-matchy furniture. The major items on my to do list are living room (I own zero furniture except book cases (4) and 1 chair that I will probably get rid of) and bedroom (I desperately need a headboard.

    Also I have to be cheap because I'm poor.

    Oh and I will send you some pictures of the actual apartment too! The walls are beige (ugh) with white trim and there are two AWFUL ceiling fans. I would prefer plain white walls (sounds boring, but a lot of the pictures I have pinned are rooms with white walls and interesting furniture, art work, objects, etc.), but I'm not sure I should push it with the landlord right away since they are being so awesome to me right now. I would however be 100% up for offering to pay to have the ceiling fans swapped out for something less ugly.

    Okay... I really hope I haven't made you regret your offer, but I could seriously use some help and you are a genius at decorating and doing it on a tight budget. I will pay you in babysitting and baked goods for the rest of your life!

    1. And I invited you to be a contributor on my apartment board in case you spot something interesting I might like!


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