Friday, February 1, 2013

The Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

I am taking The Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge from Sherry and John over at YHL!!

Now I am bending the rules a wee bit,  I bought my stuff a few months back and photo shopped the $20 photo.  But it's totally legit, too legit to quit hey're singing it aren't you?!?! :)

Step #1-Take a picture of yourself with $20.

Step #2-Spend $20 and photograph your loot.

$14.99-Pair of Original Modern Dux Chairs-with the original tags still attached!!  I originally went to this tiny thrift store one town over because they had some ottomans on Craigslist for $8...when I got there the ottomans were gone.  But they had these chairs- they were marked $14.99, I thought that meant each, nope for both!  Then she loaded them in my car for me. (I was pg with Oliver at the time!)

$5 for an office chair that has an Eames-esque vibe.  The seat is torn all to crap, but I am going to recover it this weekend with some rag rugs I have!  I picked this up at the Habitat for Humanity :)

Step #3- find something from the song
(again...this is a stretch sort of)
Morgan and Hayley is pink feetie jammies!



  1. Those chairs are worth BIG BIG Bucks girl!! Great find!
    Seriously -- look on ebay for Dux chairs!

    1. Thanks Jessica!
      I had looked some up, but these look just like mine! I think I may have them recovered and sell them and then redo my whole living room with the dough :)

  2. So diggin those chairs!! Really good find!

  3. Those chairs are amazing! That store had NO IDEA what they had.

  4. Wow, fantastic Midcentury chairs!! Amanda is right, that store had no clue, thank goodness.... hehehe you really scored. Can't wait to see the reupholstered finished products... :)


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