Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Painted Bathroom Vanity and a new Kitchen Faucet

This is a post on lessons learned.

So, our vanity in the front bath was a cheap piece of shit.  No kidding.  Next time I redo a room, I will keep looking for a quality product and design I like.  I had never redone a room before the front bathroom redo.

Whilst it looked nice, twas a cheap piece of shit.

After a few months the finish quickly started to chip and wear away.  Crap, I tell you!  Great for a cheap ass rental or a show room, bad for a family of 6 and in a kids bathroom none the less.  Mr. TSL warned me that it was crap...I insisted he put it in anyway.  He did.  Now he's going to rebuild it to look similar, so we can still use the sink.  I like the sink.  

It looked like this a few weeks ago:

Every time I went in there to pee, it pissed me off!  So, I sanded that beast down and painted it!

Plus, if you notice in the crappy before pic there was an arch by the kick plate....lots of crap got lost under there.  Bath toys, little girl panties, dust bunnies, and dog hair.  I just cleaned under there and liquid nailed some 1x3's I cut to size and voila...no more black hole for bathroom crap.

Now another lesson....yes I have to learn a lot.  Some times I buy things because they are pretty and I'm like jojo the idiot circus monkey when I see shiny things.

My new kitchen faucet:
Doesn't it give you a lady boner....it does for me.  Mr. TSL installed it...it freaking leaks and has shitty water pressure.  So, I go back to look at the reviews for it (which I usually read when I buy anything online.)  I must have not read them, because I would have totally passed on it.  See the bar thing that holds the faucet in place?  It leaks on the back part like can't fix it leaks!  

I read the reviews for it, after the fact and all the positive one's are all like "It's so pretty!"  The negative one's are like "Hey dummy this leaks don't buy it!"  But Jojo the idiot circus monkey goes "Oooo, me likey, 10% off coupon...done!"  

Buying a kitchen faucet is like buying a bra.  Sure the sexy one's are better looking, but do you want to wear it all the time if it's not functional and makes your back hurt?! No.  I wish it were like buying those red high heels that you know are going to make your legs look amazing and you will deal with the blister after you take them off. But, alas it is not functional to have a sexy faucet that works like shit.  So, back to overstock it goes and a still lovely, but more functional one will be put in it's place.  

Good bye you sexy, sexy faucet.  I will miss your looks, but not your personality.



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