Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year and Goals for January

Resolutions suck balls.  I, every year since I can remember, have vowed to lose weight.  I hate this resolution.  I sit down and figure out what I am going to do.  I do it.  I lose x amount of pounds.  Then I plan out if I keep up that weight loss each week then I should be to my goal by______fill in whatever date it is.  Then, I vow to keep track of it in my planner.  I mark what my weight should be by that date and what it should be each previous week to maintain the goal.  January passes and I'm over it.  It was boring. The kids didn't want to eat the food I was pressuring myself into sticking to.  I would try to make myself food and a different more delicious meal for my family.  Sometimes, I would eat both.  Kind of counter productive.

Then the guilt would set in.  I mean seriously.  Then each month that would follow I would re-plan my weight loss.  Black scratch marks over all the "suppose to be" weights in my planner.  Instead of hitting my goal by say July, I could do it by Thanksgiving....Christmas.....might as well just wait until the New Year and start then.  I mean seriously...October: Halloween candy, November: Thanksgiving dinner, December: Christmas Dinner.........what's the damn point at that time in the year.  Snowball effect.

This year is different.  I started the Whole 30 program.  It is awesome.  I am not going to lie.  It is a lot of prep work.  Like I wash all the damn pots and pans like 2 times per day at least.  Blah.  I have figured if I do most of the prep on Sunday, then I won't have so much work all week.  Plus, the kids go back to school tomorrow, so I don't have as much food to make during the day.

I am almost done with the first week.  I'm down 8 lbs.  I am ecstatic. But, that's not the point.  I am tired of feeling tired and sluggish.  I want to finish things I start.  I am tired of sitting on the computer pinning shit, when I could be living my damn life.  Seriously.  Giant suck whole of time.  I need to figure out a process to do this.  Like a timer for myself for Pinterest. Anywho, this has given me more energy and when I feel like it, I will share the meals I am making.

Another goal of mine for the year is to think about things before I buy them.  Too much money is being wasted on crap I see in other people's pictures or on pinterest and I really have no use for them.  I am re-donating too much stuff.  Plus, I just have a lot of things I don't need.  Flushing those out this year too!
I want to focus on quality and not quantity.  Like we need new shower curtain liners, instead of buying plastic shit from WalMart, I plan to buy cloth one's that I can wash, bleach, and will last longer...etc.

Now on to the house stuff for the month:
1. build the countertop for the island.
2. paint the island
3. put on all the hardware

living room:
1. rearrange some art
2. fix the desk area
3. build some boxes or crates for the entertainment center

dining room:
1. get the everyday mantle done
2. do something for a centerpiece for everyday use
3. hang the other light fixtures (we've already done this, but I like to add it because I need to blog it)

sorry no pics and it's all words.  I'll get you something to look at later this week.  That means I'll have to clean somewhere and take pictures, but whatever.


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