Monday, January 13, 2014

Label Maker Spice Jars

I needed to organize my most used spices in a more uniform way and they needed to be cute, because they sit on the shelf out for everyone to see.    So, I emailed this etsy seller and asked her to make me some.  I saw some of her cute Halloween labels and a light bulb went off.  Originally, I was going to buy a label maker and make them myself, but this was cheaper and I didn't have to do it!  Plus, she was lovely to work with!  She made them and shipped them to me super fast, all for $4! :)

the tall spice jars are from target, they are Archer Farms Spices in the grocery area.  I just refill them with cheaper spices.  The jars are from ikea, but I picked them up in the package for $2 at Goodwill! :)


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