Monday, January 24, 2011

Testing testing....1 .....2.....

Hello world!  I am excited to have my very own blog!  That's right I have jumped into this century :)  My poor brain goes 900 mph all the time with decorating ideas!  I feel the need to get them out, so others can do them and so I don't forget them!  I have 3 beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband, whom I adore!  I am a teacher, who should actually be a decorator!  I took the year off to welcome our new daughter Audrey to the world.  Her big sisters Morgan and Hayley were so excited when she arrived.  Between getting ready for school, caring for a newborn and gymnastics I try to find the time to decorate and redo our new house! My poor husband is riddled with random projects I come up with and he dives into them like a champ when he gets a chance :)  

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