Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I HAVE BEEN FEATURED!!! Things that make me smile :)

If it seems as if I am yelling out of excitement you are right!!!  I am so excited :)  I was featured on Mary Berry Boutique! I am going to try to do this correctly, this is my first attempt at adding a link or adding a button!

Love it!!

Another project complete!
Our TV, DVD, and Wii wouldn't all fit on the entertainment center.  I could have put them in the entertainment center....but then the remote wouldn't work. So, I took an old school desk that was in the garage when we moved in (there are 3 hanging around here) turned it into my solution.
I cut it's legs off and the weird support piece with a hand saw...the saws-all was right below the hand saw.  Didn't notice it...oops!  Then I spray painted it black (only color I had) and drilled a hole for the cord to go through! Now it looks like this:
It's a little dusty, but it does the job and it was FREE!

Now a few things that make me smile:
This is one of the one billion many statues that was left for us by the previous owner.
I have named her Fran the sexy frog!
One more thing, I picked some laundry up off the floor and knocked over the space heater and this was peaking at me....oh, yes it's a smiley face in the carpet!

Make your life beautiful!

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