Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeling Blue? -Part 5 of Add Some Color to your life

Are you feeling blue?  These pictures will cheer you up!  Blue is a calming color I feel.  I was planning on painting our bedroom blue with white and orange accents.  I bought the blue paint, painted about 10 feet of one wall.  Decided it was too blue....almost cried because I didn't like it! toned it down with some white paint and a little green.  Painted over the ten feet again with the new paint, then ran to my local Home Depot and bought Ralph Lauren Neutral Brown....much better!!!  So, one of the walls in our bedroom has 3 coats of paint on it!  Our bedroom is almost too brown (not the walls-love that color) the comforter is brown, the trim is brown (eventually will be white-if I ever feel like painting it!), the throw pillows are brown, the doors and dressers brown.  Beginning to feel like we're at the chocolate factory!

Back to blue!
Love the Huge Chandelier!
I love the bubbly chandelier!
One more, just because I would marry this sink if the courts would allow!
Swoon over the sink!!  
Fancy Shmancy!
Sooo Breezy!

Bold and Breathtaking!
So Beachin'!
Love Love Love the giant window!

Just an accent!
Don't be blue, but rather decorate with it!! 

Make your life beautiful!

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