Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Master Bedroom Headboard

With a huge room it's a hard task to come up with something that is my style, is affordable and also takes up enough real estate in the room so it looks correct, but I think I accomplished it with my screen door/window headboard.

The before pic of our master bedroom:
This is what it looks like now, a little Ralph Lauren paint in Neutral Brown and some creativity!
I love how it turned out!!  Total cost $40 :)

Make your life beautiful :)



  1. I really like this look. Did you cut the screen door? I can't judge the height from the photo.
    And it looks as if you may have used the bottom of the door for the top? Forgive me if these are stupid comments. You've got me thinking again about some old window screen which I hang on to.

  2. What a fun headboard!! Love this :)
    New follower! Looking forward to seeing more!


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