Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inspiration for the Front Bathroom!!

Oh the choices I have :)....unfortunately, I am in a constant state of crazy!!  But, I have decided on a design for our little front bathroom!

I have completed the following:
1. Primed and painted all the old trim and the back of the door.
2.  Decided midway through painting the trim to scrape the popcorn ceiling off.  (apparently, this is extremely dirty and dusty, but I'm glad I did it before I worked so hard to paint it!!  I did this without a mask.  Not cool, Kari, not cool!!  I had dust boogers and could smell drywall dust for 3 days!
3. Painted the ceiling
3 1/2 .  (Forgot I did this) puttied all the old holes and sanded them flat to the wall
4. Painted the walls white
5. Eagerly tediously measured and taped off the stripes
6.  Impatiently waited to pull of all the tape it took me 2 hours to do :)
7.  Ripped the tape off and admired my work!!
8. Installed (Okay, Colin did it and I handed him tools) installed a new curved shower curtain rod

Things left to do:  fingers crossed I think this will all get done during Spring Break
1. Tile the floor (already have the tile from a project that didn't get completed at our old house) Woohoo, no new costs!
2.  Install the new bathroom vanity I scored at Home Depot...was $450, got it for $150!  I had admired it for a while and heard they were having a paint sale (half price Ralph Lauren paint)  and they were getting in new vanities and this was marked down!
3. hang the new mirror-scored on Craigslist for $20
4.  Install the towel hooks Mr. TSL is making for the girls
5.  Install the new light and exhaust fan w/light  (Hayley told me when we moved in she didn't like showering in their because it was too dark!)
6. Accessorize.... I think I have almost everything.  I've got 2 small projects for a beach sign and a large wooden seahorse to hang above the toilet.

Here is my inspiration for the bathroom:
This is the reading room created by Layla and Kevin Palmer over at  (Check them out, they are AMAZING!!)  Eventually I will learn how to make a button, so you can just click a word in my blog and it will lead you to their posts!   Until then, google them!

The next is something similar to that with the horizontal stripes.  It was designed by the Sherry and John over at .  Again google them they are astounding at making something fabulous on a budget!

I am planning on making a seahorse like this one to hang above the toilet:
The bathroom vanity looks similar to this:  (I think this one is black, ours is espresso)

I will post pictures of my progress when I figure out the camera....the button is pissing me off stuck. :( A new camera would be amazing!!


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