Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lots of stuff going on around my house!

So, the other day....a few weeks back I was cleaning the bathroom and decided it needed to be painted white.  So after I cleaned the toilet, I put on paint clothes.  It's all painted, but not restyled yet, so I'll show you soon.

I also am pushing for the kitchen to get started.  I have begun hoarding things for the redo and have been doing the simple things I already can do, just to start the ball rolling.  The cabinets would be mid-paint job, but we are throwing Audrey and Oliver's combo birthday party on Saturday.  And I didn't want to be like, hey family come over....no don't sit there that's where the cabinet doors are drying, no not there either, that's the prep area. ugh.  So, I will wait until the beginning of October to paint it all.

I scored this set from Craiglist:

The long dresser will hold the TV, the short dresser is Audrey's, the mirror and the headboard I haven't decided on yet.

Plus on Saturday I get a new couch!!  I am so excited! Like ridiculously excited!!

I am currently obsessed with this space:

and this kitchen is what I am going for in mine:


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