Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bunk Bed Love

I have the whole kitchen floor and dining room floor painted!  I will hopefully be finishing the painted rug this week and be able to post about it next week.  I realized about 1/3 way through the dining room I was going to run out of paint, so I worked around the edges so I could just switch to paint I had on hand to finish the rug in the middle.

It looks like 900 times better than it did before...I LOVE IT!!! 

Pics to come later!

The girls and I were looking through design books--yes I recruit them for their opinions on the house :)
When they asked if they could have bunk beds.  I have been really apprehensive about all the fighting this would cause and also about them getting hurt.  But since they are 8 1/2 and 7 I think they will be okay.  When I asked who would sleep on the top, they both said Morgan.  So no fight there.  Now I am on the lookout for some on CL.  My nephews are getting new bunk beds maybe I can makeover their old one's for the girls!

Here are some pics to inspire me and you!!





And a few more, just because…

-Make your life beautiful!!

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  1. Ok, now I think I have a couple more items on my "todo list" lol. I have two that share a room, but these pics are way cooler than what they have. One day.


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