Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Checklist part 2

Thanksgiving Checklist

This is a list of crap I would like to accomplish by Thanksgiving.

1.  Trim Painted in Living Room
2.  Dining Room Chairs Painted
3.  New Microwave and Dishwasher
4. Doors in Living Room and Dining Room Painted Black
5. Back Door Painted Red
6. Reupholster Living Room Chair

Well, I've gotten a lot done.  Not sure the dishwasher and microwave is going to happen...we'll see.  The back door is definitely not getting painted red before Thanksgiving.  I forgot to buy the paint.  I have however cleaned and cleaned and then cleaned some more.  I loathe cleaning.  LOATHE IT!  I hate cleaning crap over and over again. Especially when I am the only one who does it!  

I did however get the desk area cleaned/organized and prettified!  More on that tomorrow!
I believe that is all for now.

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