Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kitchen Update: Planked Island, Black Pantry Doors, etc....

So....this is the redo that never ends, it goes on and on my friends, some people started doing it not knowing 'bout the time, and they'll continue doing it FORVER just because, this is the redo that never ends......Is that song stuck in your head now?!? :)  How about this one, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all....damn now, it's stuck in my head.

So, we planked the back of the island with 1/4 inch plywood ripped down at Lowe's.

need to putty the rest of the nail holes and sand

I freaking love those stools!!  I love them even more because Mr. TSL got them out of the trash and brought them home for me!  I actually have 7, but I think that's overkill for this small island :)

I can't wait to paint this damn island, I am so sick of looking at it like's been done since December!!!

The doors do not look this shitty in real life.  Apparently the flash catches the mark from where my 9 year old helped me clean and sprayed down the doors and did a crappy job wiping up afterwards.

What's that you notice?  Why yes, I did get a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas and I love it....I might go in and stare at it sometimes...okay a lot.  The paint spots on the wall are for a new color, obviously.  I have yet to find the right color.  The lighter tan ones are too pink in the light in there.  I think I need more of a gray.. My mom has the perfect gray in her house.  The sample I had in that color looks really greenish...blah. Paint. Blah.  That black door is the medicine cabinet (at least the tops shelves away from tiny fingers are.  The other shelves house the waffle iron and little toys that get stores in there by the tiny fingers!!)  Yes, I also got one drawer pull took forever and I fucked up the holes on it, luckily the drawer pull covers it.  I quit after that one.  I think I'll make some template or offer dirty favors to my hubby to do it!! ;)

Kitchen Globe Light made from fish bowls....yes you read that right!

Thrift Store Score:  Mid Century Mustard Color Chair $5.99 plus 10% off....SOLD.

My Grandma and I made that pillow from a blanket I picked up at the thrift store too!! ;) 
Thrifter for life!


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  1. What a find on those stools. The fish bowl light - cool. A quick side hint, they sell templates for lining up the screw holes on the draw handles. Check the local big box home store or Amazon. Make the drill marks on painters tape so they don't mark up your drawers.


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