Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Too early for Thanksgiving?

I can't wait for Thanksgiving!  I know Halloween is on Monday, but as soon as it's over....Thanksgiving decorations!  I kind of sort of did a half ass on the Halloween decorations...I was trying to rule the world do the projects for Crafting with the Stars...lost track of time.  But, we did carve pumpkins and the porch looks cute...just no table decor and very very little inside Halloween decor.  Pics of Halloween stuff tomorrow :)

PS  did you see who won Crafting with the Stars?!?  The Real Housewives of Buck I had a chance!  They were on Nate Berkus twice this season!  Today they won a trip to Mexico from Nate for an amazing 24 hour challenge...they are freaking awesome.  My blog wants to be like theirs when it grows up!

Congrats Monica and Jess!!

The girls have a three day weekend starting Friday and I'm thinking we may need to do a few crafty projects :)

I'll give you one guess where I found all of these...did you say Pinterest?!?  I bet you did!!

-Make your life beautiful!!

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