Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Checklist Wednesday and 101 followers!!

I am so excited that 101 of you are following me!!  I am honored :)  Thank you so much!

Is anyone else OB-SESSED with Pinterest?!?!  I am loving it!  I can just pin stuff instead of trying to remember where I saw something or saving it to my computer in my crap I need to knock-off folder!!  I have found the most beautiful images there :)

Plus, I am soooooo flattered because people have been pinning stuff from my little ole' blog!  I thought I would die.  :)  

Red is what I have finished/am currently working on!
An update of the my checklist!!

Living Room
1. Paint the trim white- this is almost done, I have around the doors and windows done!
2. Make curtains and "Curtain Rod" 
navy and white stripe I think.....
3.  Make square nails
4.  Decorate...I know super vague
5. Make pillows for couch
6. Do something with front closet
7. Putty the corner with the broken drywall tape
8.  make baby gate--baby proof Gonna need to start this soon-Audrey is mobile!!
9. Get ready to start a daycare
10. Tile entryway
11. Paint walls-COMPLETE!

Front Bathroom-DONE!!
1.  Make Shower Curtain
2.  New shower rod
3. Celebrate because everything else is done!!!
5. New Vanity-COMPLETE!
6. New toilet-COMPLETE!
7. Paint walls-COMPLETE!
8. Paint Trim-COMPLETE!
9.Remove popcorn ceiling and paint-COMPLETE!

Dining Room
1.  Paint trim white- working on it! (2 more coats)
2. Paint walls Cobblestone by Ralph Lauren
3. Decide on Art
4. Picture Wall
5. Grocery Sign
6. Baby Gate for big stairs
7.  french doors---way later

1.  Paint trim white- working on it! (2 more coats)
2. Paint walls Cobblestone by Ralph Lauren
3.  Rearrange Cabinets
4. Paint Cabinets
5. Tile countertop with granite and marble tiles
6. Install Farm sink
7.  New Dishwasher
8. New microwave
9. New Faucet 
Laundry Room
1.  Paint trim white
2. Paint walls Cobblestone by Ralph Lauren
decide if I want a pattern on walls
3.  Add Cabinets on pantry side
4. long for sexy front loader W&D

Master Bathroom
1.  Paint trim white
2. Add Board and Battan
3. New shower rod
4. Make shower curtain
5. Tile the floor
6. Paint vanity
7. new toilet
8. new faucet and sink(scored an awesome sink at the thrift store for $20!!!)
9. round mirror
10. light
11. new countertop
12. Paint walls-COMPLETE!

Master Bedroom
1.  Paint trim white
2. Make curtains for sliding glass door
3. Art?
4. Paint closet

Hayley and Morgan's room
1.  Paint trim white-COMPLETE!!
2. Paint the walls
3. make headboard
4. paint dresser
5. Paint desk
6. closet redo
7. art for walls?????
8. Curtains

Audrey's Room 
1.  Paint trim white-COMPLETE!
2. Paint Walls-COMPLETE!
3. Art---only a little more
4. Rehang curtains and fix them so they are long enough!

Whole House
1.  flooring
2. new doors
3. get rid of popcorn ceiling!!!!
4. Spray paint door knobs!

Here are some of my pins from Pinterest:
I would love family pictures like these!!

-Make your life beautiful!!


  1. Congratulations on 101! Your blog is fabulous, it's always nice visiting here. I'm afraid of Pinterest - I know I'll get hooked so I'm not goin' there! Lovely images too, especially the last one - LOVE it and going to save it in one of my folders on my computer....!!

  2. Congrats on the 101!

    You know I am hooked on Pinterest.

    Also, why are you making square nails?


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