Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My dining room....is getting there! plus the befores

Yesterday, I showed you my dining room, but blogger wouldn't let me load stuff and after an hour I just posted what I had gotten done on the post.  So, today I finish the post!

Plus, I didn't tell you......  the Grocery sign is made from the inserts in your dresser designed to keep your clothes from falling to the underneath drawer!!

I totally forgot to show a pic of the dining room before and then an after so you can compare.  Blogger was being a booger for me, so I didn't make the list of crap I had done either.  :)  So here we go!

Dining Room
This is the pic before we bought it.

A similar view, but after :)

Another before

Another After :)
look closely and you can see I haven't painted the kitchen area yet!
One last before

And My lovely after:
Okay my list of stuff we've done:
1.  Painted it green-decided I didn't like it and repainted Ralph Lauren Cobblestone which is my go to neutral color (LOVE IT!)
2.  Painted all the trim white-it was an orangey golden oak color-YUK!
3.  Yanked up all the carpet-for now we are living on subfloors and my Pier 1 rug that is too small for under the table.  It's way better than someone's dirty carpet.   Plus, way easier to clean up spills-it is a dining room after all. 
4.  Made some art for the walls-more on that later.
5.  Hung the kid's art gallery wall
6. Replaced the crappy misplaced fan and weird bug filled globe light with my Pottery Barn Knock-Off Chandeliers.
7.  Redid some freebie stools my mom scored me from her apartment that were getting thrown out!
8.  Got bamboo blinds from Payless Decor

Remember when I talked about my green chair inspiration.  Well, I am hoping to have some headway with that project soon!

I am currently working on all my dining chairs.  I scored these chairs from H4H (Habitat for Humanity) for $2 each during their Memorial Day Sale.

I actually already had 2 from a while back, so I have 10 matching dining chairs for $16-can't beat that with a stick!!  I have taken all the seats off and primed them.  Two of them are green and I am slowly getting them done.  To tell you the truth I am not totally sold on the green.  I really want to paint them all white or black or charcoal-but I know that's the safe thing to do so we'll see.  It's only paint and time, I can always redo them again.

More on those later!
Now the red folding chairs at my table now are outside chairs I brought in when we had friends over last weekend, they looked like this before:
 A few coats of red Krylon spray paint later and.....

  I didn't prime them or sand them-they are outside chairs and that was too much work!!  Just dusted them off and scraped a little loose paint.

-Make your life beautiful!!

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  1. WOW! It looks good! And what a steal on the chairs! you got an amazing price.
    thanks for sharing.

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