Friday, June 24, 2011

I know, I suck this week.....

I feel like I've been in a funk.  It's probably a lack of sleep. (teething baby) I keep trying to get stuff done, but I feel like I get to a certain point and I get a case of the blahs.  I miss blogging, I need to get up earlier in the mornings, that's when I use to get it done.  I'm not blogging to impress the outside world (although, I roll in the lovely comments you all leave me!) I feel like that's my only connections with other grown-ups sometimes!  I haven't put on make up or done my hair for realskees in like a week.  I shower and let my hair dry...blah blah blah.

I have gotten a lot done, but I am lacking motivation in the clean it up and stage it for blog pictures.  I have to clean by tomorrow, we have some fabulous friends coming over for game night, so I HAVE TO CLEAN!  I'll try to snap some pics whilst it is clean!!

Oh and Cherie-I was making square nails for a curtain project I will try to blog on this weekend!  It turned out amazing and I just used regular nails!  Sorry, I didn't reply to your comment.  I haven't figured out how to do that yet! :)   

I will, however, show you a vanity that my mom spotted on the side of the road, promptly drove to my house, grabbed me, we drove back and loaded it in her Ford Escape (along with a lamp, side table, wooden box and I would have scored a very modern lined couch if we were able to get that in the car too!)  We literally took the vanity apart with what we had: tweezers, a dime, some random sharp objects we tried to use as screwdrivers and we got that bad dog into the car!!

Here it is before:

I had some Rustoleum's Night Tide Spray Paint left from this project.
Then when I was done it looked like this:
I love the dirty kid hand prints!! 
I was going to leave it in Hayley's room, but we moved Morgan and Hayley in together and they need more storage than this has to offer.  So, I sold it on Craigslist!  If you look closely, the walls are painted gray!  Woohoo!  Something is done. 

The last time I put on make up and did my hair was for family pics the other day.  My BFF from HS and her husband came over to take pictures.  Unfortunately, it was super sunny and most of them didn't turn out :(
Here's the one's I liked!

Audrey was hysterically laughing!
I was bummed this one was blurry.
-Make your life beautiful!

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  1. We all get the case of the blahs!! Life happens!! Look forward to seeing some of the stuff you have been working on. Love the last picture of your girls. So cute!!


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