Thursday, April 21, 2011

So, I'm thinking green dining chairs :)

I would love 8, okay while we are at the "money is no object" stint of this blog lets say 10 of these:


 I would take these in any color, chippy or freshly painted.  New or old.  
I don't discriminate against Tolix Chairs.  We are a Tolix freindly house!
If you find yourself with a set of these and decide to let them go-please contact me!!!!!!!

With that being said.......

Now back to reality-ville!  When we moved in to our new house, I lacked a dining table.  Mr. TSL and I were attempting to redo one, when we took a break from the redo to find that termites had gotten the top of the table and it had warped.  So sad :(  After that debacle, I got the green light to buy a new table.  Should have just looked on Craigslist-Craig and his List are AWESOME for finding deals!  But, I bought a new new one!  I love it, it's planked and dark wood, it has a leaf and is awesome, but the dining chairs are a mis-mash of what we've got. 

As I was blogstalking perusing Layla and Kevin's blog at the Lettered Cottage, I found where they had redone some dining chairs: 

I thought, self, that's a cute idea for you to blatantly copy draw inspiration from!
 Her dining set originally looked like this:

To Craigslist I went and started looking!  I found an antique set for $75!  The chairs need some gluing and clamping and sanding and stripping.  I'm currently working on that.  The table has almost the same leggy pieces that Layla's has underneath.  Someone-I'm sure it was cool at the time-painted the set yellow with no primer and then glazed or stained over the top of it.  It looks awful and is all chippy-and not in a good way. 

I plan to paint them green and cover the seat with a drop cloth and add some super cute numbers to the seat with fabric paint.  Like these:
As for today, I am going to go finish the trim in Hayley and Morgan's room.  Go grocery shopping and make a run to Lowe's! 

This weekend we are going to: (my mom, dad, Mr. TSL and I)

1. Redo the front bathroom
a. demo-it's small won't take to long
b. tile the floor
c. install a new white toilet-currently it's almond
d. install the new vanity
e. hang the mirror
d. install a new light

2. Paint the super scary, very vaulted, I'm not getting on the freakin' ladder, stairwell.
Mom is actually doing most of this-I am way to afraid to do this. 
If she didn't do it-it would never ever ever get painted!!

3. Painting Morgan and Hayley's room pink :)
Then moving them in together and Audrey up into Morgan's room, so she is out of ours and I can sleep!!

Later Gators!

-Make your life beautiful!


  1. Wow, lot's of projects on the go! Good luck to you and your crew! Oh and I love those green chairs too...

  2. I am going through a small obsession with the color green. I am so excited to start adding the color in my bedroom! Good luck on all of your projects!


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