Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Painting Trim-things I loathe...

Audrey has decided that mommy sleeping at night is not a necessity.   Mommy thinks it is!  She is teething really bad and is having a hard time sleeping more than an hour and a half at a time and only nurses for like 5-10 minutes before she is back to sleep...skip to 5 nights of this and mommy is suffering from that ancient Chinese syndrome-Dragon Ass (draggin' ass) :) -that's a Mr. TSL joke-gotta give him credit for that one. 

I don't think I have put on make up or done my hair in 5 days-I just shower and let it dry and go.  She won't nap either and when she does, I can't sleep because Morgan and Hayley are home from school. 

After last night, I can't take it anymore!!  She only makes little whinny noises and then falls back to sleep.  Unfortunately, I wake up every time she makes a noise-she has got to be in her own room.  I can't function anymore!!!!!  I went to bed last night at 10, and didn't actually fall asleep until around 2:30 am....blah!

I just need sleepy!!
I did get the trim at the top of the stairs around the door painted and all the trim in the kitchen and dining room primed.  I have been working on the fandeliers for the girls room.  They are coming along.  I have an old jug, I am covering in jute.  Painted some brassy light fixtures black (Mr. TSL hung one for me-more on that later!)

I have also been working on the office area and plotting the bathroom renovation.

I am abandoning all that to work on Hayley's room so Morgan and her can move in together-Audrey is being banished to Morgan's room.  It's for the best, she's 7 months old and needs her own space and I need my sleepy!

I do have some inspiration pics for the trim though- I tried to find some that were similar to our wall color.

for the love of thornhurst
via Apartment Therapy
Well, Sergeant Teething Baby is yelling at me!

-Make your life beautiful!

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