Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kitchen Remodel part 1 of 537

Okay, 537 might be exaggerating.  But, I'm not trying to rush it.  Maybe a little.
Our kitchen looked like this when we moved in:

Please note none of these decorations belong to me, this is before we moved in.

So far, I have painted (twice because I didn't like the green color I chose.)  I replaced the tacky lights with Mason Jar pendant lights I DIY'd. I painted the doors to the laundry closet/pantry with chalkboard paint.  We bought a new stove and I tore up the crapet (I know I typed crapet and not was that tile-looking carpet that was dis-gust-ing. Nasty. Icky. I digress, I guess we are on part 6, whatevskees.

This weekend I talked Mr. TSL and my dad into taking down the cabinets over the island to open it up.  It totally did!

Mr. TSL wants to leave the beams...I am not totally sold.  They are kind of Asian looking, like a pagoda and that's not what I'm going for.

I plan on painting all the cabinets black and rearranging the cabinets on the far wall.  I played around in paint and came up with this:

It won't cost us too much, just for the shelves.  The rest of the cabinets are being rearranged and we already have them so no mucho denero needed there!  I am thinking of putting a window above the sink too.  We'll see.  That north side of our house only has one window. I know, weird right?

I scored some granite tile for the counter and some marble tile for the island a while back for $1 per tile on craigslist.  I love Craig and his list.

Here are some pics of inspiration for my madness:

I love this and I really really really love the ceiling!!!

this is the granite for the counters

and this is the marble for the island

All images via Pinterest
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  1. I just went in a house that had beautiful black cupboards. I LOVED THEM! They destressed the edges.... I think i might haved drolled a little! lol:) I hope you paint yours black like you want! cant wait to see them!


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