Friday, August 2, 2013

craigslist is a scary magical place......

So not only do I buy stuff on Craigslist, but I am constantly selling stuff on there too.  With Design ADD it's best that way.  If I find something I am on the hunt for I sell something to pay for it.  It's like having a garage sale that you don't have to haul out all your crap and sit with it all day!

I am hoping to get these things:



None of these are definite...with craigslist until it's in your truck nothing is definite.  Keep your fingers crossed 

I did score these chairs though!!

I paid $40 for 4 of them, the lady had them listed as clear plastic folding chairs.  SCORE!   The legs on mine are gold though...not sure if that's some kind of patina or what, but they have the MADE IN ITALY
 sticker on them.  I know they are worth a little dough, couple hundred bucks or so!

Do you buy stuff because you know it's fabulous without a plan of where to put it?  I may sell these, I may keep them for the sun porch.  Not sure yet!

Plus they are super sturdy...they held me and a jumpy 2 year old climbing all over me.  Holy crap, she's actually almost 3.  Time flies.  Jeez.  That means my gentleman baby is creeping up on 1.  

Got all mommy-boo-hooey on you.  

Back to Craig and his list.  I have a secret for you.  If you already knew this you suck by the way for not telling me.  My mom showed me.  On the home page of CL of your city {or other cities you are willing to truck to} you choose your category.  Click Furniture (or whatever) Then at the top of that page you can click grid view and the listings pop up with the picture showing.  LIFE. CHANGING.  your welcome.



  1. LOVE those clear chairs and they are a total score. In a local antique shop here they'd sell for $300 each I'd bet. I buy and sell on there a lot as well. Probably more buy and less selling than I should though.

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