Monday, August 19, 2013

Gray Hutch, Orange Chair

I bought a hutch a while back on Craigslist, I use it as a storage shed for all those stupid appliances for the kitchen and random other pantry stuff that doesn't fit so easily.
I have a before, but my 2 year old daughter is half naked and taking up 90% of the naked pics online of my kids!  So, imagine the same hutch, but orangey wood instead. Ummkay?!?

paint color: Dusty Mountain

I made the There's No Place Like Home art, it's just a frame and matte from the DAV, that I spray painted and an old map of Kansas with where we have lived as a family.  :)  I just wrote on it with a sharpie.
I bought this forever probably at least 6 months and I have since decided I want to swipe these fabulous lockers from my kick ass brother in law!  Thanks Jason! :) 
 So, it's for sale on the Wichita Craigslist for $60

Now onto another Craigslist score....this chair:

I saw it and offered the guy $15 for it....yep, $15!  You're all that orange chair is awful, aren't you?  You're so judgmental.  I knew it probably had modern sexy legs under that skirt and all I had to do was get her home and take her skirt off.  Wow, that sounds was a little, well, er, more dusty than dirty!

For now, she's orange.....I'm thinking navy though!  


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