Sunday, December 11, 2011

kitchen design inspiration

so, our kitchen has a very strange layout.
starting this christmas break we are going to start the reno!  mainly by rearranging the cabinets we have and making the layout a little more practical.

old kitchen on left    new kitchen on right

we won't need any bar stools at the island, we don't really use them because the table is right there.

we're not losing any space and it won't cost much.  the only thing we really have to do is buy a dishwasher, cabinet pulls, build the cabinet for the refrigerator, and the shelves for next to the microwave.  i'm thinking we can pick up a window at h4h for cheap.

we have plenty of marble tiles for the countertop with the appliances and sink and mr. tsl is going to make us a butcher block top for the island!!

i am giddy like a little school girl right now.  to actually live somewhere with a beautiful kitchen is a huge dream.

when we moved in, the layout of the appliance side of the kitchen looks like this:

we have since removed the top cabinets from above the island and moved the cabinet above the stove up to accommodate for the over the range microwave i scored on cl.

after the rearranging and painting, hopefully the kitchen will look like this:

i'm trying to figure out if i want to paint them gray or in all reality, the gray may be black later!

inspiration for the fridge cabinet:

inspiration for gray cabinets:

plus the lights...already have them
black cabinet inspiration:

lights over island:
only 2 though...

i got this light at h4h for $5!!

shelf inspiration:


the little spice nook next to the stove

images via my pinterest

-make your life beautiful!!

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