Friday, December 9, 2011

red door and christmas decor!

when we moved in our dining room looked like this:
yep, that's a giant fishing pole.
more recent pic of the door:

that door was flat on one side and paneled on the other. weird.  anyhow, i decided i wanted to put in a door with a window (our house super lacks natural light and windows.  in fact, the 2 windows in the dining room lead out to the sun porch...and they are too far apart and really close to the door/wall.

i digress, mr.tsl and i were at habitat for humanity and i saw this door:

for what?!?  $10, that's right $10 and it comes with it's own security system:

i feel safer already.  if a bad guy broke in to the garage, went through another locked door and managed to get to this door he would be met with the wrath of this sticker.  an obvious blocker of all things bad.

mr.tsl put the door up for me and i asked for your door or black door.  you all picked red, just like i wanted you too!  you must really know me :)

the towel keeps out the draft and loads of style :)
i am not going to lie to you. this project sucked.  i primed the door and started painting.

let's talk about that paint.  so, i head to wal-mart for groceries and stop off in the paint dept.  paint dept guy knows me.  he's at lunch, sporting goods guy is there.  he doesn't know paint very well. or at all.
i hand him a can of banner red spray paint and tell him i need a quart of paint color matched to it.

he looked at me like i was crazy and said "you know this is paint right?" {whilst, holding the can of spray paint}.  i just said "yes, but i need brushable paint, i can't spray paint an interior door."  what i wanted to say was, "no, really? do i look like a f#$%ing retard!?!"

then i had to explain to him how to use the color match machine...woohoo he did it.  then he grabs the paint and starts mixing.  at this point audrey is climbing out of the cart and pulling all the leaves off the $3 poinsettias i have. irritating.

i say, "i'm going to go get some other stuff, i'll  be right back"  when i get back the paint is done and more mauve than red.  he just looks at it and says "oops, i have to get back to sporting goods, i have a customer."

i love dealing with morons.  as i am walking to the grocery section paint guy is coming out of lunch, i explain and he says "did you know krylon makes a banner red you can brush on?" then gets me the can. amazing, the exact color i wanted and it's $5 cheaper than any quart can!

i buy my $5 can of paint and get to work....i am not kidding you it has 8 coats of red paint and i am pretty sure it needs more and am even more sure it's not getting them.

it's like the ugly girl that is far away looks okay, but upon closer inspection is not all that easy on the eyes.

after all that, here is some more shots of the door and the rest of my christmas stuff!!

12 days of christmas nutcrackers!

the stick looks like an antler :)

charlie brown tablescape!
if you read this, i don't know how you can type in all lowercase...i like it, but i naturally want to capitalize stuff :)

-fa la la la la, la la la la

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  1. all lowercase is the only way to go ;). mr. irby would love me! haha

    btw, your house looks amazing!!

  2. It looks wonderful, what a great find.
    I found you via linky party at Homemake on a Dime.

  3. Found you at the link party on Homemaker on a dime. I LOVE your door! Isn't the ReStore awesome?!? Okay, that towel has to go. Drop me a note on my blog and I'll whip you up a draft stopper in a fun fabric for free if you want one. Happy Holidays!



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