Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chevron Runner and my 30th Bday!

My dining room floor got a little upgrade when I painted it all Chevrony and stuff!  I still love it.  It's so much better than the subfloor!  I still can't wait to put down the wood floor as soon as we get some tax money back.

Until then, the painted floor does me fine.

With one exception...the kitchen floor.
It had that nasty foam backed tile-looking crapet (yep, I said crapet)

Please note the crapet in the above pic....the decor was left from the previous owner and found its way to the GW or the trash can :)

After a wild hair up my ass, I pulled the carpet up to expose this nasty ass yellow foam crap that I had to scrape off.  It was awful!

Paint made it light years better!  However, where the foam use to be is a serious stain looking dirt collector.  Gross.  I can scrub and scrub and just the paint comes off.  Boo.

After a few months, the spots reminded me of flashing.  No not the kind where you show your boobs.  The kind when you paint over a patch on the wall with out priming . The wall is shiny except where the patch is.

Long story, well long.  I decided I would have to paint over it to make it look clean.  Problem is I am out of the green paint.

Looks like a new runner was in the works.

So, I sat down and taped off the floor and started painting.

Things I discovered.  The painters tape pulls the paint up that is on the foam yellow crap.  So, the runner looks cool, but you can see the tape marks...oops.

My second discovery.  The vent on the front of the fridge looked like it was nursing a batch of kittens.  I couldn't even see the vent.  Honestly, I thought the carpet was covering it.  If you look at the pic above you will see that there was a bit of carpet left under the fridge, dishwasher, and stove.

When I pointed out the batch of kittens to Mr. TSL and I decided the fridge would have to wean them, it was time for them to be on there the garbage.

So, after that it is.

It's not life changing, but it does make the floor look a little cleaner.  I am totally irritated that the tape pulled up like that though.

Now on to my birthday...
today is my 30th Birthday!!!

Crazytalk.  So, I had this list.  I am a list maker.  I will make them and check them.  However, I abandon anything I feel like I am not got to thoroughly complete.  This list pissed me off because I knew I wouldn't complete all of it.

1.  Lose 30 lbs--didn't happen...still working on it though.  I am thinking more like 50-60lbs now and I plan to do that over the next year.  If I grow a pair, maybe I'll share it with you guys.
2. Get my wedding ring fixed- I bent the crap out of it when I was carrying in paint cans.  I don't know if that's how it got bent, or if that's when I noticed it.  But it happened in like January...needs fixed pronto!-didn't happen either.  I never remember to go to the jeweler when I run into Wichita.  Maybe, I will put all of the stuff in my purse and go do it Saturday.  I would really like it fixed.  

3.  Go out to dinner only 2 times a month-only on kids eat free night!  This should help with our budget :)  For the most part we have stuck to this.  However, sometimes our family pays for it, so I don't count that.

4.  Finish painting the kitchen and dining room floor-yep I started it!  DONE  :)  Read about it here.

5.  Finish painting the green dining chairs-they may be gray..not sure yet. They did end up gray.  Read about that here.

6.  Exercise twice a week-anything else is a bonus.  Totally slacked off on this one.  A few weeks this happened, but not every week.

7.  Organize the kitchen cabinets-totally did this one!  I am excited to start the kitchen redo for realskies soon!

8.  Help mom decorate her house-we didn't finish, it's a work in progress.  They are redoing both bathrooms, then we'll move on!

9.  Floss daily  I have managed to do it around 5 times a week, better than my old 2 times a week :)

10.  Build a baby gate-Mr. TSL is making one for me :)

11.  Get a mani/pedi-  I've had manicures twice, but never a pedicure!  So, I didn't go get professional mani/pedi. But Hayley did them for me, so it totally counts!

12.  Take vitamins everyday. 

13.  Paint dresser in the garage for Morgan and Hayley- I totally need to post it.

14.  Drink a cup of tea before breakfast. I've been drinking lots of tea...I quit drinking pop a year ago and it's fantastic!

15.  Build book shelves-still working on them.

16.  Do something nice for my brothers-all of them- I made them all Thanksgiving dinner and prayed for the one who couldn't make it. 

17.  Stencil a wall
 (I stenciled a tray and LURVE it!!) Read about that here.

18.  Host Thanksgiving for my family

19.  Plant flower bulbs in the fall, so we have beautiful flowers in the spring! 

20.  Go for a couples massage!   We'll be doing this soonish.

21.  Dress up for Halloween-I was a black cat! Meow:) 

22. Carve pumpkins and decorate the house at the beginning of October

23.  Make a faux fireplace mantel-Mr. TSL is working on this :)

24.  Make the girls' lunches everyday
 They like to eat at school, so I'll make their lunches when they ask me to.

25.  Declutter the house-Working on it!!  This is a work in progress

26.  Spend less time on the computer.  Only after the kids have gone to bed, or before they are awake. Still working on this.  I am only on it while Audrey is sleeping!

27.  Put clothes away after I fold them--I wash them, dry them, fold them and stack them on the dryer. Totally suck at this one.  Told Mr. TSL if we had a stackable washer and dryer I couldn't do dice.

28.  Make dinner by 5:30 every night

29.  Teach Audrey to walk and wean her around 12 months or so.
  She is amazing!!

30.  Read Janet Evanovich book 17

-Make your life beautiful!!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Apparently the 30's are going to be the best years of your life....I"m still waiting to see :) I love love love the chevron runner! Found you through Homemaker on a Dime party, I'm your newest follower!

  2. happy birthday! i am such a pessimist-when i turned 30 2 years ago (ack, oh my god!) i said i was practically 40. so what does that make me now, 2 years later.

    love the chevron runner!


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