Friday, December 2, 2011

Kitchen Progress: the microwave

I hate microwaves.  While convenient, they are really unpleasant looking.

Our kitchen is shaped weird and has little counter space where I do most of the prep work, so I knew I wanted the microwave away....far, far, away (in my best Shrek voice).

I actually wanted to put it in the pantry, but it's small as is with the washer and dryer and I was afraid it would be awkward.

I actually wanted to put it above the fridge in a cabinet to be built at a later date.
Like this one:

But, Mr. TSL said he didn't like it...then my mom said what if your taking out hot soup and spill it on yourself....okay okay we won't do it there.

I also like how this one is hidden, but it still takes up too much space on the counter.

Over the stove it is. Then our regular microwave died...:(  or is it :)
I found a black over the stove microwave on Craigslist for $60 and now we have quick heating again,
after 3 weeks of heating stuff up on the stove. (which totally sucked the big fat one btw!)

Before we moved in:

Now with the new microwave:
The cabinet was moved higher and the microwave installed.
After all that, I must say I like it.  But, I LOVE the light underneath it.  I didn't realize how dark it was where I was cooking!

Stay tuned for red door and the painted kitchen floor :)

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  1. Don't you love it when the simplest choice is the best choice?!

  2. I must say that I absolutely HATE not having a microwave!! Definitely one of the things I miss most, but I am refusing to get one because of all the reasons you gave above. I think I might have to give in because you are right...heating stuff on the stove stinks!

  3. I know what you mean! I'm still debating on whether or not getting the over the stove types.. hmmm. Anyways yes on not over the fridge and although that cabinet looks super cute - I wonder if it vents correctly.


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