Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The before pictures.....

These are the mallard-rific before pictures of our new house, WAY before we got a hold of it.  I claim no credit for any of the decor.  :) Everyone has their own style and I would say this is country-mallard!

Outside of the house:

A grand tour of the inside:  :) This is the living room, from the far corner. (The front bathroom is located in that corner and now the piano lives in that corner too.) 

 This is the living room as you walk in the door...  yes that awkward pole is load bearing :(
 This is the area we use as the office:

This is the bathroom that is located off the living room. 

Now on to the kitchen:  It's up the 4 steps off the office area...yes they are carpeted and trimmed with gold carpet strips.  To top it all off the walls going up the steps are carpeted as well...you should see me try to vacuum that! :)

 The dining room is on the other side of the island:  (Yes, that is a giant fishing pole!!  We live right by the lake.)

The master bedroom and closet...I mention the closet because it's bigger than the girls bedroom at our last house!!

One of the added treasures to this house was all the gnomes.  I know you are currently re-reading that, I said gnomes.  There is statuary everywhere....everywhere.  It is all over our 5 acres.  I have even found it up in a tree, it is a fake squirrel.  I think to myself is it there to scare away other squirrels or just so if you haven't seen a squirrel in  a while there is one to look at ALWAYS.  We collected all of them and I will post a pic of that later in spring :)  My favorite was Snow White and all 7 dwarfs on our hot tub in the sunroom :)

Master Bathroom:


This is Morgan's room (She got the smaller one because Hayley wanted to share her room with our new baby, Audrey!)

Hayley and Audrey's room:  (Audrey will be in our room until she can sleep in a big girl bed and make it up and down the stairs without inducing a panic attack for me!)

Last, but not least.....the sunroom :)

Yes that is a concrete horse...not a pet!  We actually have 3 of these, they are 3 feet tall and VERY VERY HEAVY.  Just ask Mr. TSL, he picked them all up to move them!

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